High-Inductance Chokes

Oct. 20, 2005
RoHS compliant through-hole 7400 and 7500 Series Common Mode Inductors provide noise-suppression and unwanted conductive EMI.

They are particularly well suited for application as line filters in switch-mode power supplies commonly used in desktop computers, industrial electronics, office equipment, and consumer electronics. The smallest of the Series, Model 7400, measures 19 X 21.0 mm, allowing high-density placement in space-restrictive board layout designs.

Depending on model, inductance values range from 0.6 to 45.0 mH. They operate over 55 to 105°C and are rated for 250 Vac and have a dielectric strength of 3,750 Vrms. Dc resistance is specified from 0.025 to 2.68 Ω The new inductors also feature high attenuation at low frequency and are constructed with flame-retardant-plastic bobbins.

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