High-Power Inlets and Outlets

Feb. 17, 2005
High Power inlets and outlets are IP44 to IP67 rated for dust and splashing water, and can be used on equipment rated from 16 to 32 A with service at 120 to 250 Vac.

Three-pin connectors have 16 to 20-A or 30 to 32-A ratings, come in yellow or blue, and have 4 and 6-hr ground-pin positions. Four-pin devices have a 20 to 125-A range, and come in orange, blue, or red. Six, seven, and nine-pin connectors have 12-hr ground-pin position. Five-pin connectors handle 20 to 125 A, and come in blue or red with 6 and 9-hr ground-pin position. They can all be panel or cable mounted.

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