Heavy-Duty Tensioners

June 17, 2004
Rosta heavy-duty (HD) tensioners self-adjust to correct for belt slippage and stretching, maintaining proper tension in multigroove V-belt drives.


This extends belt life and reduces wear and tear on motors and shaft bearings.

The all-steel tensioners are built to customer specifications and work with six to 14-groove pulleys and B to D section belts, or with five to eight V-belt sizes. Tensioners automatically adjust for belt stretch, which is typically about 3 to 5% from new. A special elastomeric element isolates the tension arm from shock loads and resists rotary forces in especially tough processing operations such as aggregate, power, and bulk-food handling.

For example, typical aggregate crushers sync two motors together and rely on a V-belt to keep an even current flow, which is an ideal application for the tensioners. Rosta HD tensioners are easy to install and maintenance-free over a projected 10-year life in most applications. They are designed to work with motor drives of 200 hp or greater. Smaller versions are also available.

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