12-Bit Digitizer for Test and Imaging Systems

Aug. 19, 2004
The CompuScope 1220 card combines 12-bit resolution with a wide range of externally clocked sampling rates.


It is a high-performance digitizer that can be externally clocked at frequencies as high as 20 MHz and as low as a few kilohertz. The CompuScope 1220 can be used in applications in which clock frequency varies based on external inputs. It has two input channels, 12-bit vertical resolution, 20 Msamples/sec simultaneous sampling rate, 10-MHz bandwidth on most input ranges, external triggering, and external clocking. Input ranges as low as ±50 mV as well as ac/dc coupling and 50 ohms/1 ohms impedances are all software controlled. Dc accuracy is typically ±0.5% of full-scale input. The card can be equipped with up to 2 Gsamples of onboard memory. Up to eight cards can be combined as a Master/Slave system to provide up to 16 simultaneous input channels.

Gage Applied Technologies Inc.,
2000 32nd Ave., Lachine, QC H8T 3H7, Canada,
(800) 567-4243,

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