Bearings Products: Sintered-Bronze Bearings

July 10, 2008
NU and NX plain bearings consist of a sintered-bronze substrate plated on the OD with low-carbon steel and sealed on the ID with a polymer.

The self-lubricated PTFElead NU bearings can hold dynamic loads up to 20,000 psi and static loads up to 36,000 psi. Their maximum speed is 1,000 fpm when self-lubricated and up to 2,000 fpm with additional lubrication. NU bearings are rated for continuous operation at PVs up to 50,000 psi fpm with excursions to 100,000 psi fpm. The bearings have a 0.02 coefficient of friction in static and dynamic operation and operate at 328 to 536°F.

The acetal-lined prelubricated NX bearings carry similar loads, but are rated for maximum speeds of 500 fpm in oil. Continuous-use PV is rated at 80,000 psi fpm. The bearings have coefficients of friction of 0.01 and 0.015 in static and dynamic situations, respectively. They operate at 40 to 210°F.

The NU bearings are available in bores up to 7 in. or 300 mm. The NX bearing bores reach 3 in. or 300 mm. Flanged versions and thrust washers are also available.

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