Product Spotlight: Fail-Safe Power Control

Nov. 22, 2008
Cool-ORing family consists of discrete active O-ring controllers and full-function active O-ring modules.

The Cool-ORing family consists of full-function active O-ring modules and discrete active O-ring controllers. PI2121 /PI2123/PI2125 modules have integrated high-speed ORing MOSFET controllers and very low on-state resistance MOSFETs. In the event of input power failure, the units disconnect a nonfunctioning power source while providing 160-nsec dynamic response to systemlevel power-source fault conditions.

The 8-V, 24-A PI2121 is suitable for 5-V bus applications; the 15-V, 15-A PI2123 for 9.6-V bus applications; and the 30-V, 12-A PI2125 is for 12-V bus applications. A master/ slave feature lets each product be paralleled to address higher current requirements. The units detect normal forward, excessive forward, light load, and reverse current flow through their internal MOSFETs, and report fault conditions via an active low fault flag output.

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