High-speed reversing drive - Ogura Industrial Corp.

April 8, 2010
A reversing drive which uses electromagnetic clutches and a series of gears to operate at a continuous rpm in forward, neutral, or reverse rotations.
A reversing drive, designed for use in double-sided copy machines and other quick-reversing industrial applications, consists of two electromagnetic clutches and a series of gears, which allow the input to operate at a continuous rpm and the output to either have a forward, neutral, or reverse rotation. The clutches have a fast response rate and are controlled with a simple 24-V supply switched to either clutch, unlike a motor that must be decelerated and then reversed. A die-cast housing eliminates the chance of contamination.Ogura Industrial Corp., Box 5790, Somerset, NJ 08875, (732) 271-7371, www.ogura-clutch.com

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