Indexable product-marking equipment - Sprinter Marking Inc.

Aug. 23, 2011
The units work with Sprinter Model 88 marking equipment.

The Sprinter Model 88 Six-Band unit and the Sprinter Model 88 Date Code Band unit work with standard Sprinter 88 extended-head code-marking machines for customized package marking. They replace rubber-type characters inserted into rubber grooves with indexable bands of characters. Both models print in any orientation at 200 cycles/min with quick-drying pigmented inks.
The Six-Band unit has six bands operators can independently index to print characters in each of six positions. The standard unit comes with bands of numerals 0 to 9 (plus one blank) 5/32-in. high. Other character sizes are available as well as bands with letters and symbols. The Date-Code Band unit uses four bands to apply a month-day-year date code. The first band applies a three-character month (e.g. JAN); the second and third bands have numbers 0 through 0 to print the two-digit day (e.g. 03). The fourth band prints the two-digit year (e.g. 11 for 2011). Standard character height is 5/32 in. with other sizes available.

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