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Temperature Sensors

July 1, 2008
Temperature probe handles harsh conditions The BetaTHERM overmoulded thermistor probe is suitable in demanding HVAC and refrigeration applications, such

Temperature probe handles harsh conditions

The BetaTHERM overmoulded thermistor probe is suitable in demanding HVAC and refrigeration applications, such as evaporator coil and industrial case refrigeration, climate control systems, and sauna and oceanographic equipment.

Features & benefits

  • Tested under extreme conditions to 20,000 freeze-thaw thermal cycles

  • Waterproof to IP68

  • Operating range from -50° to 105°C

  • Available in a range of standardized tolerances and curves; optional stainless steel housing

Measurement Specialties Inc.
(508) 842-0516
Circle 151

Thermocouple probes

TJ-USB series thermocouple probes connect directly to a computer's USB port. All models feature rugged transition joint construction and integral 6-ft. shielded output cable.

Features & benefits

  • Free software converts any PC running Windows 2000, XP, or Vista into a temperature meter, chart recorder, and data logger

  • Probe lengths of 18 and 24 in.

  • Two temperature ranges available: -100° to 600°F and -454° to 1,832°F

  • CE compliant; one-year warranty

Omega Engineering Inc.
(203) 359-1660
Circle 152

Temperature sensors — free guide

This 163-page guide explains how to define temperature-sensing requirements and choose the best sensor for the application.

Features & benefits

  • Determine which sensing technology is best

  • Compare sensor alternatives

  • Obtain parts for testing and prototyping sensors

  • View technical data on sensor assemblies, probes, miniature and sanitary sensors, stator RTDs, HVAC temperature and humidity sensors, elements, flexible sensors, instruments, transmitters, and accessories

  • Guide available in print or as a download from web site

Minco Products Inc.
(763) 571-3121
Circle 153

Thermal imaging camera

The Extech i5 compact IR camera monitors and detects the thermal condition of electrical system components to address problems before failures occur and inspects areas that can't be reached with contact-based instruments.

Features & benefits

  • Weighs just 12 oz.; 2.8 in. high-resolution color LCD

  • 5,000 image miniSD memory card

  • Checks for overheating in electrical panels and transformers, spots electrical faults, and identifies problems with motors, fans, and bearings

  • Software makes it easy to download thermal images with radiometric data, generate reports, and analyze findings

  • Rugged design with easy-grip handle; meets IP43 dust/splashproof standards

Extech Instruments
(781) 890-7440
Circle 154

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