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Feb. 1, 2008
Miniature stepper motor ADM1220S miniature stepper motor has an external motor diameter of only 12 mm and a length of 17.2 mm and eliminates axial endplay

Miniature stepper motor

ADM1220S miniature stepper motor has an external motor diameter of only 12 mm and a length of 17.2 mm and eliminates axial endplay for reduced rotational audible noise.

Features & benefits

  • Holding torque with current of 2.4 mNm; achieves high boost torque of 4.1 mNm

  • 20 full steps/rev in full step mode; capable of 160 microstep/rev with maximum error of ±0.2° at speeds from 10 to 6000 rpm

  • 1.5-mm diameter output shaft and large bearings

  • Can be combined with gearhead and/or lead screw; planetary, spur, and zero-backlash gearheads are available in 10 and 12-mm diameter with reduction ratios for continuous torque to 300 mNm

MicroMo Electronics Inc., a member of the FAULHABER Group
(727) 572-0131
Circle 159

Magnetostrictive position sensors

Posichron PCST27 sensors are designed for position measurement in underwater applications to 100 m.

Features & benefits

  • Analog output of 0-10 V, 4-20 mA, or digital pulse output start/stop or SSI

  • Absolute, contact- and wear-free sensor features a stainless-steel housing

  • Operating pressure rating to 5,800 psi; measurement range to 19 ft

  • Full-scale linearity of ±0.02%

  • Rated for 50 G mechanical shock at 11 msec up to 100 times

ASM Sensors Inc.
(630) 832-3202
Circle 160

Torque limiter

SK1 torque limiters are backlash free and highly responsive, with the ability to completely disconnect a drive and driven components in under 3 msec.

Features & benefits

  • Disengagement torque can be adjusted in the field; several disengagement behaviors available

  • Uses single screw radial clamping hub instead of tapered conical clamping connection

  • Available in English or metric bores, with or without keyways

  • Available for bore diameters of 3 to 80 mm (0.118 to 3.150 in.) and disengagement torques from 0.1 to 1,800 Nm (0.89 to 15,930 lb-in.)

R+W America
(630) 521-9911
Graphic R+W SK Clamping.JPG
Circle 161

Slide guide

NB GL high load capacity slide guide features new cushioning and lubricant delivery for a quieter and easier to maintain design that is interchangeable with older models.

Features & benefits

  • Ball cushions prevent noise of metal against metal

  • Porous fiber sheet contains lubricant oil that is released as needed — extending the interval between oilings

  • Six types of blocks are available depending on mounting space and method

  • Three accuracy grades are available: normal, high, and precision

NB Corp. of America
(800) 521-2045
Circle 162

Optical encoders

E7P quick assembly, incremental optical kit encoder suits stepper motor motion applications, brush-style servomotor feedback, robotics, pick-and-place machinery, X-Y tables, and CNC machine tools.

Features & benefits

  • Resolutions from 180 to 720 cycles/rev with single-ended or differential outputs

  • Mounting bolt circles of 0.750, 1.280, and 1.182 in.

  • Quick shaft sizes from 3 to 10 mm allow quick and simple mounting

  • Uses 5-V supply and offers two-channel TTL quadrature outputs

US Digital
(800) 736-0194
Circle 163

Hybrid linear actuator

Series 28000 (Size 11) double stack captive hybrid linear actuator is built for long life (several million cycles) and features engineering thermoplastics in the rotor drive nut and a stainless steel Acme lead screw, for quiet and maintenance-free operation.

Features & benefits

  • Compact frame size of only 1.1 in.2

  • Resolutions range from 0.000125 to 0.002 in./step

  • Delivers thrusts to 30 lb

  • Integral anti-rotation mechanism suited for applications in which external anti-rotation methods would be difficult or impossible to employ

  • Captive linear travel ranges from 0.5 to 2.5 in.

Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc.
(203) 756-7441
Circle 164

Resolver-based servodrive

Model 941 Position servodrive features a resolver that measures the position of the motor shaft within a revolution, whereas an incremental encoder can only know the shaft's relative position.

Features & benefits

  • Output scales resolution back into controller, providing 15 options of positioning resolution

  • Offers choice of control level with drive's capability of controlling basic torque and velocity applications up through fully programmable coordinated motion

  • Postion, torque, and velocity control modes

  • 120 to 480 V with 1 or 3-phase inputs

  • 2 to 18 A continuous RMS current

Lenze-AC Tech
(508) 278-9100
Circle 165

Reeling cable

Buflex X'Prem thin and lightweight polyurethane sheath cable reduces weight and increases abrasion resistance in high-speed (up to 150 m/min) crane operations.

Features & benefits

  • Performs like other standard rubber sheathed reeling cables, but with a smaller overall diameter and enhanced abrasion resistance

  • Allows use of smaller motorized reels to achieve productivity, possibly even with lower-powered motors

  • Low-voltage for applications to 1 kV and medium-voltage for applications from 6 to 20 kV

  • Copper twisted pair cables or optical fibers can be integrated within cable to combine advanced control solutions with crane power supply

(905) 944-4300
Circle 166

Pushbutton switches

KP02 series of illuminated silent pushbutton switches actuates with a shorter stroke for front panel designs in audio/video equipment.

Features & benefits

  • Total travel of 0.138 in.

  • Three common sizes of 17.4, 15, and 12 mm

  • Comes standard with red/green built-in LEDs, which can be combined to produce amber; custom RGB LEDs available

  • Rated at 100 mA maximum at 12 Vdc; twin contacts with gold plating ensure high reliability and long life of 5 million operations minimum

  • Available in audible and silent actuation types

NKK Switches
(480) 991-0942
Circle 167

Modular conveyors

DynaCon conveyor systems offer flexible modularity with a variable speed motor that allows speeds from 20 to 200 ft/min for high throughput applications.

Features & benefits

  • Allows conveyors from 4 to 72 in. wide

  • Energy efficient 115 V motor

  • Can change length in increments as short as 6½ in.

  • Plastic injection molded parts provide strength and durability in a lightweight, portable design

  • Accessory options include metal detection, clean room, water tanks, cooling fans, box filling, split belt, and ergonomic tilt

Dynamic Conveyor Corp.
(800) 640-6850
Circle 168

Motor controllers

Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1503E medium voltage SMC Flex OEM component kits offer 15 kV and new stackable PowerBrick power circuit technology for easy installation, flexible mounting, and reduced inventory.

Features & benefits

  • For use with motors from 10 to 14.4 kV at 200 and 400 A ratings

  • PowerBricks are connected in series to meet required system voltage rating

  • Higher voltage setting in SMC Flex control module, fiber-optic multiplexer board to accommodate gate drive signals for up to 36 silicone controlled rectifiers (SCRs), and new voltage feedback system

  • Limit starting torque and minimize mechanical damage to belts, gears, and other machinery

Rockwell Automation Inc.
(800) 223-5354, ext. 2025
Circle 169

Motion control chip

M3000 motion control IC provides a complete system for motion control, handling time-critical motion and motor tasks in silicon to control and position multi-phase step motors.

Features & benefits

  • Uses highly integrated, mixed signal system-on-a-chip architecture combining major motion and motor control building blocks

  • Simultaneously works as a high-speed, general purpose microcontroller, incorporating communication, analog, and system functions for general machine control

  • Custom block of hardware controls motor — current, resonance, and power stage — and handles positioning functions such as acceleration, deceleration, velocity, positioning, and encoder feedback

  • Operating temperature range of -40° to 85° C

System Semiconductor Inc.
(860) 295-6170
Circle 170

Brush dc servomotors

Pittman series 6000 22-mm-diameter brush-commutated dc servomotors incorporate a skewed 5-slot armature design and bonded neodymium iron boron magnets to deliver more power than many dc motors of similar size.

Features & benefits

  • 1.901-in. length provides up to 40% more continuous torque (2 oz-in.) compared with shorter 22-mm-diameter electric motor products

  • Other series come in lengths of 1.256 and 1.556-in. and achieve continuous torque to 0.80 and 1.3 oz-in., respectively

  • Depending on model, they generate maximum peak torques to 10.2 oz-in. and nominal no-load speeds to 8,720 rpm

  • Include sintered bronze bearings, 2-pole stators, heavy-gauge steel housing, silicon steel laminations, and copper graphite brushes

Ametek Technical & Industrial Products
(330) 673-3452
Circle 171

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