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May 1, 2008
Wave springs Series of metric Crest-to-Crest wave springs enable OEMs to reduce the size of their assembly by up to 50% while maintaining the same amount

Wave springs

Series of metric Crest-to-Crest wave springs enable OEMs to reduce the size of their assembly by up to 50% while maintaining the same amount of force and deflection as a regular coiled spring.

Features & benefits

  • Minimize assembly cost and total assembly size due to the reduced spring cavity required

  • More than 3,000 standard wave springs in 17-7 stainless steel or carbon steel

  • Dimensions from 6 to 60 mm

Smalley Steel Ring Co.
(847) 719-5900
Circle 155

Profibus communication module

Profibus-DP communication module joins DeviceNet, CANopen, and ModBus/RS485 as the fourth communication option for SMVector drives.

Features & benefits

  • Pop-in modules can be factory-installed or simply inserted into an already existing SMVector

  • SMVector becomes compatible in almost every machine environment, and users can maintain their own communication preferences

  • Allows mainstream process to talk to upstream as well as downstream devices

  • Horizontal and vertical communication improves message transmission and reduces physical installation requirements

Lenze-AC Tech
(508) 278-9100
Circle 156

High-speed camera

The i-Speed 3 high-speed video camera combines ease of use with high image quality, portability, and fast speed.

Features & benefits

  • Images are derived from the 1,280 × 1,024 resolution sensor

  • Controller display unit means it does not require connection to a PC for operation; GigE port is standard for applications that require PC connection

  • Constructed from a solid aluminium chassis

  • Full sensor resolution of 1,280 × 1,024 pixels is available up to 2,000 frames per second; higher speeds of up to 150,000 fps are achievable with windowed resolution

  • Also comes with video-triggering and programmable user settings

Olympus Industrial America
(866) 642-4726
Circle 157

Ground ball screws

Inch series, pre-loaded, precision ground ball screws deliver smooth performance and high positioning accuracy for a wide range of linear-driving applications in the machine tool industry.

Features & benefits

  • Internal ball return system offers more robust and easily interchangeable solution compared with conventional tube recirculation designs

  • PGC series, single nut, pre-loaded cam shape ground ball screw features a compact nut with integral flange for simple mounting

  • PGFM series, double nut, pre-loaded end flange ball screw incorporates a flanged nut and cylindrical pilot nut

  • Screw diameter sizes from 0.625 to 6 in.; leads from 0.100 to 1.000 in.; lengths to 60 ft

  • High speeds possible (up to 120,000 DN with standard designs; up to 140,000 DN optimized)

(800) 541-3624
Circle 158

Linear position sensors

Temposonics linear position sensors generate up to 20 simultaneous position outputs along a given sensing element, serving as a replacement for traditional proximity sensors.

Features & benefits

  • Stroke ranges greater than 5,000 mm; provide resolution as small as 1 µm

  • Use a high-resolution clock to determine accurate absolute position between fixed reference point and moving magnet

  • Multiple magnet capability available in select R- and G-series

  • R-series are smart sensors for fast, high-precision, and synchronized position control applications, available with SSI, DeviceNet, CANbus, Profibus, EtherCAT, and dual output analog outputs

  • G-series are programmable sensors with built-in diagnostics for applications that require analog, start/stop, and PWM outputs

MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Div.
(800) 328-2255
Circle 159

Brush motors

TGB2013 brush motors deliver high shaft output power from a small package that is just 2.0 in. in diameter, 3.87 in. long, and weighs only 34 oz.

Features & benefits

  • Ironless-core motor technology suits battery-powered applications requiring high power density

  • 400 W continuous shaft power with maximum efficiency of 86%

  • At 18 V, it runs at 13,400 rpm producing 40 oz-in. of torque while drawing 26 A

  • Linearity between torque and current allows peak torque of 240 oz-in.

  • Low inductance architecture permits faster current reversal at commutation point, to reduce brush arcing and improve brush life

ThinGap LLC
(805) 477-9741
Circle 160

Cylinder rod boots

Custom engineered protective boots for cylinder rods are available for machine tools and other related industries.

Features & benefits

  • Stop rod scoring, prevent nicking, and extend seal life by protecting cylinder rods from chips, abrasive particles, and other impinging objects
  • Manufactured from rugged neoprene nylon coated fabric, Gortite rod boots provide millions of operations in temperature ranges of -40° to 220° F

  • Other materials for expanded temperature ranges and special requirements available

A & A Mfg. Co. Inc.
(800) 298-2066
Circle 161

Motor bearing protection

Split-ring version of the AEGIS SGR Bearing Protection Ring comes in halves for easy field installation with little or no disassembly of equipment.

Features & benefits

  • For VFD-controlled ac and dc motors, protects bearings from electrical damage caused by circulating or shaft currents, extending motor life as well as preventing bearing noise, downtime, and motor repairs/replacements

  • Maintenance free and lasts for the life of the motor, regardless of speed

  • Conductive microfibers work with virtually no friction or wear and are unaffected by dirt, grease, or other contaminants

  • Sizes accommodate motor shafts with up to 6 in. diameters; custom sizes available

Electro Static Technology
(866) 738-1857
Circle 162

Optical encoder

AEDS-9240 series of extended operating temperature optical encoders is designed for use in applications that require lower resolutions and employ dc motors.

Features & benefits

  • Advanced motion control detection with integrated commutation outputs equivalent to those produced by Hall switches

  • Six-channel incremental encoder module features two-channel quadrature outputs and a third channel, ungated index output

  • Detects rotary position using a codewheel with an optical radius of 19 mm to obtain 360 or 720 cycles/rev

  • Three-channel integrated commutation output (U, V, W)

  • Up to 150 kHz frequency response; single 5V supply

Avago Technologies
(800) 235-0312
Circle 163

Cable connections

RockSolid Connections are high-reliability feedback cable assemblies that are compatible with a variety of industry name brand products, including Rockwell Automation, Rexroth, Indramat, Bosch, Siemens, and Fanuc Robotics.

Features & benefits

  • Immune to shock and vibration

  • Low contact resistance and low insertion and extraction forces

  • Long contact life

  • Contact housing is standard gold-plated brass alloy; basket wire is gold-plated copper alloy

  • Cable lengths are standard industry lengths, available in meters

Amphenol Sine Systems
(800) 394-7732
Circle 164

Decentralized control

Movifit Field Integrated Technology with intelligent decentralized control offers lower cost, simplified installation, and tighter process control to food and beverage applications.

Features & benefits

  • Modular constructions available in hygienic washdown IP69K rated and standard IP65 designs, for flexible and scalable platforms in wet and dry environments

  • Preconfigured control routines for horizontal and vertical conveyor applications provide ready-to-use functions that simplify programming and start-up

  • Drive parameters can be set simply without configuration tools using DIP switches or programming over fieldbus

  • Real-time diagnostics is enabled through EtherNet/IP, Profinet, DeviceNet, and Profibus

(864) 439-8792
Circle 165

Ac drives

High-capacity SJ700 series of inverters features the Sensorless Vector control algorithm to enable it to develop more than 150% starting torque at 0.3 Hz.

Features & benefits

  • Three models — 250, 400, and 500 hp

  • 0 Hz domain open-loop control mode provides 130% torque at 0 Hz for vertical lift applications

  • Easy Sequence (EzSQ) built-in programming function eliminates need for separate PLC

  • Built-in RS485 Modbus/RTU communication; options for other communications networks, such as Ethernet Modbus/TCP, DeviceNet, Profibus and LonWorks

Hitachi America Ltd., Industrial Systems Div.
(914) 631-0600
Circle 166

Linear translation stages

Techspec English long travel linear translation stages use rack and pinion positioning with accuracy of 0.01-in. and are designed to allow easy integration of standard English-unit positioning equipment.

Features & benefits

  • Single- and dual-knob versions' stage measures 2.45 in. wide × 2.36 in. long × 1.18 in. high

  • Each stage offers load capacity of 5 kg (H) and 2 kg (V) when locked

  • 6, 12, and 24 in. travel lengths

  • Stage and track provide precision positioning with straight-line accuracy ranging from 0.004 in. for the 6 in. track to 0.011 in. for the 24 in. track

  • Stages travel 0.71 in. for each turn of the knob

Edmund Optics Inc.
(800) 363-1992
Circle 167

Two-conductor rotary connector

Model 235 two-conductor, rotary connector serves as an alternative to traditional slip ring designs.

Features & benefits

  • Handles up to 500 V ac or dc and 30 A per conductor with up to 1,200 rpm continuous 360° rotation

  • Compact size and maintenance-free long life

  • Negligible electrical noise and resistance; sealed ball bearing construction

  • Optional stainless-steel ball bearing and splash-protecting boot kit

Mercotac Inc.
(760) 431-7723
Circle 168

Kit encoder

RE200 kit encoder comes with choice of locking connector and improves on typical read-head style products by providing six different connector configurations with a variety of output options.

Features & benefits

  • Uses industry standard connector systems with integral locking features

  • Each connector option comes in either a radial or axial orientation

  • Provides single-ended A and B channels with reference mark in resolutions up to 4,096 using a 1 in. code disk

  • Line-driver outputs available

Renco Encoders Inc.
(805) 968-1525
Circle 169

Ac drives

Panel mount StepNet ac drives run directly on 115/240 ac at 7 A peak current, eliminating a separate dc supply.

Features & benefits

  • Servo mode operation for smooh, quiet stepper motor action

  • Sophisticated motion control modes are built-in: indexing, PVT trajectory tracking, camming, and electronic gearing

  • Operate as standalone device or as part of a distributed control network

  • Incorporate command, encoder, and communications interfaces that allow users to apply the single model to standalone and networked architectures and applications

  • Interfaces include CANopen, DeviceNet, ASC11/Discrete I/O, stepper commands, ±10V position/velocity/torque command, and PWM velocity/torque command

Copley Controls Corp.
(781) 828-8090
Circle 170

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