Sept. 1, 2006
ROTARY STAGES ABRS air-bearing rotary stages provide high angular positioning, velocity stability, and error motion. Features & benefits Low profile minimizes


ABRS air-bearing rotary stages provide high angular positioning, velocity stability, and error motion.

Features & benefits

  • Low profile minimizes stack-up related errors

  • Optical encoder, feedback multipliers, and controls achieve resolution better than 0.03 arc sec

  • Large air-bearing surfaces offer high stiffness and load capacity for strong axial and radial error motions

  • Slotless, brushless motor produces high torque, minimal heat generation, zero cogging, and torque-ripple free

Aerotech Inc.
Pittsburgh, Pa.
(412) 967-6854
Circle 222


Military certified MS 271 universal joints are designed for high lift actuation and control mechanisms that require low deflection rates, high strength to weight ratios, and long service life.

Features & benefits

  • Meet or exceed military specification MIL-J-6193

  • Reaction frames offer torsional play, tightness, static torque, endurance, and lubrication retention

  • Outperform pin-and-block style universal joints in extreme environments

Belden Inc.
Broadview, Ill.
(708) 344-4600
Circle 223


Unions feature electrical slip ring to transfer fluids, gasses, and electricity from a stationary source to a rotating structure within one assembly.

Features & benefits

  • Many sizes available with up to 12 passages

  • Electrical slip ring offered in 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, and 56 circuit configurations

  • Leak-free design includes deep groove sealed radial ball bearings, hardened and ground shaft, Teflon seals, and plating

  • Gold-on-gold contacts transfer electrical power, data, analog, and digital signal with low electrical noise

  • Insulated lead wires available in 12, 24, 36, and 48-in. lengths

Rotary Systems Inc.
Minneapolis, Minn.
(800) 959-0146
Circle 224


Bearings are ready-to-mount and self-aligning to accommodate misalignment and oscillating movements.

Features & benefits

  • Metric and inch versions come with or without seals

  • Inner ring with sphered convex O.D. and outer ring with sphered concave O.D.

  • Suit alignment movements between shaft and housing and oscillating, recurrent tilting, slewing movements for slow sliding speeds

  • Sliding contact-surface combinations include steel-on-steel, steel/sinter bronze composite, steel/PTFE fabric, and steel/PTFE composite

Kulpsville, Pa.
(800) 440-4753
Circle 225


Magnetostrictive linear position sensors for extreme shock and vibration environments are more durable than older models.

Features & benefits

  • High electromagnetic interference immunity and environmental ingress protection

  • Operate continuously at external vibration levels of 15 G (10-2000 Hz, IEC standard 68-2-6)

  • Withstand 30 G vibration without interruption of normal operation

  • Survive shock levels of 100 g (single hit, IEC standard 68-2-27)

MTS Systems Corp, Sensors Div.
Cary, N.C.
(919) 677-0100
Circle 226


Zero-backlash jaw couplings feature spider elements for greater shock absorption.

Features & benefits

  • Hardness levels include 85, 92, and 98 shore

  • Three-piece design made of two hubs, with curved jaws and elastic element

  • Polyurethane material dampens impulse-type loads and minimizes shock to motor

  • Failsafe hubs provide direct power transmission to shut down application in case of malfunction

Ruland Manufacturing Co.Inc.
Marlborough, Mass.
(508) 485-1000
Circle 227


Guidance 2400 series vision-guided motion controllers use distributed network architecture to locate them at point of use.

Features & benefits

  • 24 to 90 Vdc version produces up to 2,000 W motor power

  • 225 mm 3 138 3 61 mm

  • Includes four motor drivers, eight encoder input channels, 700 MIPS processor, digital and analog inputs and outputs, Ethernet, and RS-232 interface

Precise Automation
Los Altos, Calif.
(408) 224-2838
Circle 228


New line of sheaves includes fractional horsepower (FHP) and variable pitch (VP) models available in a variety of diameters.

Features & benefits

  • FHP available in AK and BK sizes in single and double-groove with bored-to-size or MST bushed designs

  • FHP sizes range from 1½ to 18¾ in. diameter with finished bores of ½ to 1½ in.

  • Stationary adjustable speed VP models come in single and double-groove designs

  • VP sizes range from 2½ to 7½ in. with finished bores from ½ to 1⅜ in.

Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc.
Arlington, Texas
(817) 258-3000
Circle 229


The AquaPruf 7600 series is available in straight and curved models and is fitted with a urethane encased belt that does not absorb water or fray.

Features & benefits

  • Tooless design disassembles for cleaning in 30 sec; tip-up pulley allows quick release of belt tension

  • Open frame does not collect particles; rounded cross members reduce clean-up time

  • Bearings and other components do not corrode from high-pressure washings and caustic liquids

  • Low profile handles small product transfers with optional nosebars in 0.5, 1, and 1⅞ in.

  • V-guided belting for positive tracking

Dorner Manufacturing Corp.
Hartland, Wis.
(800) 397-8664
Circle 230


Nine-member PIC18F97J60 family offers first eight-bit, single-chip Ethernet microcontroller for accessing embedded applications remotely.

Features & benefits

  • Includes on-chip 10BASE-T Ethernet transceiver (medium-access controller and physical layer device)

  • Minimizes board space, cost, and complexity; IEEE 802.3 compliant

  • Available in 64 to 100-pin packages

  • Up to 128 Kbytes of Flash and 4 Kbytes SRAM

  • Free TCP/IP software stack reduces development time

Microchip Technology Inc.
Chandler, Ariz.
(480) 792-7200
Circle 231


MCD EPOS compact drives are aluminum-cased and provide dynamic, maintenance-free positioning along with a fieldbus connection and 60 W output.

Features & benefits

  • Combine brushless EC motor, digital encoder, and digital EPOS controller

  • Minimum wiring through direct connection to CANopen bus or SPS controller

  • Controlled, configured, and diagnosed by CANbus or RS232 serial interface

  • Processor and memory allow standalone operation

  • New catalog features additional products

Maxon Precision Motors
Fall River, Mass.
(650) 697-9614
Circle 232


Brushless dc servomotor with integrated motion controller uses skewed winding with a rotor made of Neodymium rare-earth magnets.

  • Speeds to 12,000 rpm; continuous torque rating of 50 mNm

  • Interfaces with RS232 or CAN utilizing CANopen protocol

  • Connects up to 127 drives on same CAN bus

  • Combines with 30, 32, or 38-mm gearboxes for output torque to 10 Nm

MicroMo Electronics Inc.
Clearwater, Fla.
(800) 807-9166
Circle 233


VibraLink rod ends provide flexibility and extra vibration dampening.

Features & benefits

  • Low-carbon steel and zinc-plated ball and body offer extended corrosion resistance

  • Case-hardened, precisely swaged ball allows extended wear, optimum misalignment, and reduced binding

  • Studded and right or left-handed thread versions available

Tuthill Controls Group
New Haven, Ind.
(260) 749-5105
www.tuthillcontrols.comCircle 234


Chainflex CF.INI cables with over-molded connectors are designed for use on cable carrier systems on automated machinery.

Features & benefits

  • Flexible, anti-abrasive thermoplastic polyester insulation and jacket; non-porous TPE outer jacket

  • Tight bend radius of 5 3 O.D.

  • More than 600 sizes and styles for power, control, data, servo, and fiber optic cables, as well as air hoses

  • Connectors available as straight or right-angle; optional M8 or M12 connectors in three, four, and five-pole configurations

Igus Inc.
East Providence, R.I.
(800) 521-2747
Circle 235


Jazz PLC provides more power for smart relays, and includes on-board I/O plus a full-function operator panel with numeric keypad.

Features & benefits

  • 24K (virtual) Ladder programming software, math, store/load, compare, clock, and vector functions

  • Supports interrupt, loops, and immediate read/write to I/Os

  • 60 user-designed HMI screens display instructions, conditional messages, or variable data (time, date, bit status, timer, and integer values)

  • Communication through SMS messaging for real-time remote control by GSM cell phone, with remote access utilitie, or with MODBUS and OPC/DDE servers.

Unitronics Inc.
Quincy, Mass.
(866) 666-6033
Circle 236

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