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Feb. 1, 2012


Just a mouseclick away is a full-service engineering department — and tools to create fractional horsepower electric motors, custom gearmotors, and speed reducers. The online database of Groschopp Inc. at now contains integrated documentation for more than 8,000 standard products (and 100,000 variations) including connection diagrams, motor prints, 3D CAD models, and databases. With a new Motor Match technology integrated on the site (accessible at it's also simple for engineers to determine the motor match for their required speed, torque, and other parameters. Other features include a tuned-up search and recent case studies.

Visitors don't need to be registered to play with the Motor Match tool. Specs are added to a “Quote Cart” when an engineer is ready to register and receive formal pricing.


A new blog covers ballscrew applications, calculations, commercial issues, and design. It's authored by Steinmeyer Inc., headquartered online at and offers professional advice — plus useful information based on more than 40 years of ballscrew expertise with applications in the machine tool, factory automation, mechatronic, semiconductor equipment, and aerospace industries. Some of the recent subjects posted include “Lead screw or ball screw, which should I choose?” and “Lubricating Steinmeyer ball screws.”

Check out the blog at


Engineers, plant managers, and environmental health and safety professionals now have a tool to calculate the potential annual return they'll receive if they invest in an integrated safety automation system. Rockwell Automation developed the free Safety Return on Investment (ROI) Tool in partnership with J.B. Titus, a machine safety consultant.

What's included in the analysis? Estimated project amount; overall equipment effectiveness, based on increases in machine availability due to reduced unscheduled downtime and increases in manufacturing output; increased capital-asset depreciation; direct injury costs, such as medical expenses and workers' compensation costs; and indirect injury costs.

Register at to access the tool, which is optimized for smartphones and tablet PCs. User registration and data entry information is not saved for any purposes besides site access.


Premier Farnell recently launched a new engineering station at — a dedicated channel on its global online community. The move is aimed to provide electronics engineers and technology enthusiasts with one resource for product design and development. The video site also allows engineers worldwide to share and collaborate with video.

Organized by categories and prioritized by community ratings, the channel's content includes the popular Ben Heck Show, Arduino tutorials, expert tutorials, user-generated videos, such as A Day in the Life of an Engineer, and supplier videos.

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