2011 Motion Medalist product awards

Jan. 1, 2011
In conjunction with the Best by Design awards, we invite you to cast your vote for the Motion Medalist awards. Presented here are components featured

In conjunction with the Best by Design awards, we invite you to cast your vote for the Motion Medalist awards. Presented here are components featured over the last year of Motion System Design — products that span motion control and power transmission design. Simply go to motionsystemdesign.com/bestbydesign (or email us at [email protected]) to rank these products by how useful you think they are. Top-rated products will be announced this spring.

Retaining rings take up less space

Hoopster retaining rings fit into much shallower grooves than regular snap rings or retaining rings, and are suitable for light to heavy loads.

  • For thin-wall tubes; low profile, precision circularity, small radial size, high thrust capacity

  • Will not twist or deform under load as do conventional retaining rings

  • Controller is programmable

    Carbon and 302 stainless steel in sizes from 3/8 to 3 in.

Innovator: Smalley Steel Ring Co.
(847) 719-5900

The Productivity3000 PAC is a modular, rack-based system of up to 116,000 I/O points with local, expansion, and remote I/O bases and a full line of discrete, analog, and specialty I/O modules.

  • Terminal blocks provide universal link

    P3-550 CPU features 50-Mb memory and seven ports that support USB, Ethernet, and serial devices

  • Two power supplies (ac and dc) provide isolated 24, 5, and 3.3 Vdc to PAC bases

  • Free ProductivitySuite software has tag name-based programming

Shrink-disk collar make mounting easy

Innovator: AutomationDirect
(800) 633-0405

YBK series of feed-through terminal blocks use a tension-clamp connection for fast wire terminations and reliable connections.

  • DIN rail mountable and available in gray, blue, red, yellow, beige, and green

  • Slip rings transmit over spinning connections

    Accessories include end plates, end brackets, cross connectors, and marking tags

  • For chemical, plastics, and packaging industries, those with control and electrical panel wiring

Innovator: Omega Engineering Inc.
(203) 359-1660

Automatic code generator

BLC Bearlok locks power-transmission components to keyless shafts more securely than conventional collars.

  • Balanced for high-speed applications; withstands abuse; suited for critical stops and where access tangent to the shaft is unavailable

  • Alloy steel, black-oxide coated; bores from 0.75 to 2.50 in.

  • Serial communications reduce wiring

    Positions, locks cam shafts, conveyor rolls, gears, and components requiring basic adjustment that transmit thrust and torque

Innovator: Whittet-Higgins Co.
(401) 728-0700

Stainless-steel Prizm Model CK7206 is a seven-channel electro-optical slip ring that runs to 60 rpm with less than 1 dB of variation.

  • Precision bellows serve many functions

    Single or multimode; no dead spots, bidirectional; attenuation less than 4 dB for any pass; gold alloy brush and ring surface contacts

  • Power Ring comes with 20 rings — rated for 5,000 V at 20 A; Single Ring versions available

Innovator: Moog Components Group
(800) 510-6855

Smooth reducers: Hygienic and efficient

Simulink PLC Coder extends model-based design to help create source code in structured text (IEC 61131-3 ST) using Simulink models.

  • Universal interface integrates code generated by Real-Time Workshop and Simulink PLC Coder in Automation Studio; quickens development

  • Users can generate ANSI-C or structured text code

  • Line shafts and couplings transmit power

    Errors detected early; tested algorithms go to industrial controller

Innovator: B&R Industrial Automation Corp.
(770) 772-0400

MotionNet serial-communication networking provides I/O and motor control, CPU emulation, and reduces wiring.

  • Transfers four bytes of data in 15.1 µsec using cyclical communication to control input and output

  • 64-pin chip controls up to 64 local devices

  • I/O with four 8-bit ports/device, buffer, cyclic transfer; control for stepper or servomotor

Innovator: Nippon Pulse America Inc.
(540) 633-1677

BellowsTech precision edge-welded bellows are compact flexures that can be used in vacuum applications as valve stem seals, expansion joints, actuators, vibration dampers, and torque couplings.

  • Diameters from 0.394 to 26 in.; lengths to 96 in.

  • Available in titanium, 316LSS, AM350 SS, aluminum, Inconel/Hastelloy

  • All designs custom; engineered prototype and production parts

Innovator: BellowsTech LLC
(386) 615-7530

The stainless-steel RESF37 helical and KESA37 helical bevel gear reducers outperform single-worm gear units.

  • Design and finish resist bacteria and chemicals

  • Helical bevel gears — infinite life; 50% more efficient than single worm gears

  • Optional TorqLOC mount eliminates high-tolerance shaft machining

  • NEMA C-face motor and IEC adapters, or gearmotor versions; IP69K sealing option; ratios to 134.82 and 106.38:1; input to 3 hp; 1,770 lb-in. out

Innovator: SEW-Eurodrive Inc.
(864) 439-8792

The full line of Gerwah products consists of line shafts and magnetic, metal-bellows, servo-insert, Ring-flex, and safety couplings.

  • Couplings are used when servomotors need a connection device

  • Wide range of sizes and torque capacities, to 3,800 lb-ft

Innovator: Ringfeder Power Transmission USA Corp.
(888) 746-4333

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