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Working within size and weight constraints

Dec. 1, 2009
Your next project's design specifications already include faster and cheaper; now add smaller and lighter to the wish list. Check out some of the latest

Your next project's design specifications already include faster and cheaper; now add smaller and lighter to the wish list. Check out some of the latest tools and tips to help lighten your load.

Hydraulic sensor shrinks to fit

The Temposonics MS linear-position sensor has reduced its dead zone length by more than an inch. The newly designed sensor replaces the previous design, which was already the most compact, embeddable magnetostrictive mobile hydraulic sensor on the market, according to company sources. The new sensor's smaller design fits into even tighter package spaces, increasing application possibilities. The new model, like the previous design, is an absolute, non-contact sensor. Rated to 100 g of shock and 15 g of vibration, the sensor is designed for harsh environments, particularly those within construction, agriculture, and other off-highway machinery.

MTS Systems Corp.
(919) 677-0100

Leadscrew assemblies fit tiny applications

Kerk Mini Series leadscrew assemblies suit demanding miniature applications, such as data storage drives, miniature pumps and dispensing systems, and micro-actuators. Made of small diameter (as small as 0.125 in.), precision-rolled leadscrews and nuts, the Mini Series provides reliable precision motion control at a fraction of the cost of traditional miniature ball screws. Units are engineered to withstand millions of inches of travel without requiring external lubrication, maintenance, or adjustment. The series is offered in anti-backlash and general-purpose versions. Leadscrews are made from 303 stainless steel and with Kerkote or Black Ice TFE coating.

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc.
(800) 243-2715

Controller for petite panels

The compact Trajexia motion controller module integrates seamlessly with CJ-Series PLCs to handle complex motion tasks for up to 30 servos or inverters (ac drives) over a high-speed motion network. Suited for OEM applications where panel space reduction is a priority, Trajexia-PLC module CJ1W-MCH72 helps meet the most demanding motion control requirements while minimizing space and saving on wiring. It can operate up to 14 tasks simultaneously and control up to 30 axes over MECHATROLINK-II Motion bus with independent position, speed, or torque control for every axis.

Omron Electronics LLC
(847) 285-7176

Mini rigid couplings suit micro applications

Miniature rigid couplings with bore sizes as small as 3 mm are available for micro component applications where misalignment is not welcome, including connecting line-shafts, attaching a motor to a gearbox, and servo applications. Offering high torque capacity, stiffness, and zero backlash, these mini rigid couplings are available in aluminum, carbon steel, or stainless steel. Rigid couplings are available in one-piece clamp style, two-piece clamp style, and setscrew style versions, with or without keyways. Many standard sizes are available in straight and step bore combinations to fit shafts ranging from 1/8 to 2 in. and 3 to 50 mm in the metric dimension series. Inch to metric conversion couplings are also available by special order.

Ruland Manufacturing Co.
(508) 485-1000

Integrated-motor actuator saves space

The compact integrated-motor actuator (IMA) combines a servomotor with a rod-style actuator. Compared to traditional rod-style actuators, the IMA's integrated design eliminates separate motors, couplers, motor mounts, gearing, and belts — for better dynamic performance and fewer failure points. The high-force design can be used in a variety of applications such as pressing, clamping, spot welding, and volumetric filling. The IMA can be ordered in any incremental stroke length from 6 to 18 in. and provides force to 2,000 lb. ft, speed to 23 in./sec, and positional accuracy of ±0.00984 in.

Tolomatic Inc.
(800) 328-2174

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