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April 1, 2010
Check this out through your iTunes software: Convert2 is a new iPhone application (from a group called AppoTize) that makes the conversions commonly required

Check this out through your iTunes software: Convert2 is a new iPhone application (from a group called AppoTize) that makes the conversions commonly required by engineers and technicians.

The application is the only one available that also ensures integrity through consistency with official values in NIST Special Publication 811 — Guide for the Use of the International System of Units. A few examples of useful conversions include acceleration; angle; angular acceleration; area or second moment of inertia; and capacitance. Accuracy is guaranteed to seven significant digits, and notation can be scientific or general. Users can copy to and paste from other applications; conversions include description and unit symbols for accuracy, as well as rigorous unit analysis.

Newly updated sites

World's Smartest Design Engineer contest

You are invited to participate in the World's Smartest Design Engineer tournament. Just go to, register, roll up your sleeves and play. The online game continues until December 31.

Participation requires registration but is free.

Library supports online configuration

A free CD set loaded with thousands of 3D CAD models eliminates the need to create in-house drawings. From Misumi USA Inc., the CD is for machine builders and automation and product design engineers. The files also provide a basis for custom part design.

The CDs must be requested, but users are not required to register to use its CAD files. Ask for it at

New motion-control product website

Newly expanded details shaft couplings and torque limiters, overhung load adaptors, variable speed mechanical drives, and keyless locking bushings. The site of Zero-Max Inc., it also describes parts by application, with product pictures and drawings.

Configurable 3D CAD files can be downloaded without registration.

Encoder information

CUI Inc. has launched a new site to offer technical information on modular encoders that use capacitance to track position. The site now features product pages, technical documents, and videos.

Only portions of the site require registration.

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Precision Motion Control for Robotics Systems

April 8, 2024
Learn more about Precision Motion Control for your Robotic Systems through Harmonic Drive's latest Webinar!

KNF Pumps Revolutionize Desert Dust Tracking

April 3, 2024
The Sahara Desert is one of the biggest sources of dust worldwide. KNF air sampling pumps help tracing this particulate matter air pollution.

Introducing the Mass Flow Rate Calculator

April 3, 2024
The KNF Mass Flow Rate Calculator makes it easy to convert volume flow rate to mass flow rate. Simply enter the volume flow and the gas or gas mixture.

Explore KNF's Cutting-Edge DC-BI Pump Drive Technology

April 3, 2024
With six new DC-BI pump series, KNF launches an entirely new pump drive technology relying on advanced BLDC motors and achieving unprecedented advantages.

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