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Dec. 1, 2005
On-board amplifiers The MC73110 brushless motor control IC developer's kit (DK73110) with mosfet amplifiers offers an easy way to build high-end motor

On-board amplifiers

The MC73110 brushless motor control IC developer's kit (DK73110) with mosfet amplifiers offers an easy way to build high-end motor controllers.


  • Incorporates velocity and current loop, commutation, high-performance half-bridge mosfet switches, and integrated motor connections
  • Proportional integral current control algorithm drives power stage
  • Drives 3-phase brushless motor to 10 A; inputs analog or digital command signals; requires single voltage high-power unit
  • Operates in internal profile, velocity, or torque modes

Lincoln, Mass.
(781) 674-9860
Circle 238

Programmable machine controller

PMC-328 comes with graphical programming software for ease of use and powers, drives, and controls any 2 or 4-phase stepper with currents to 3 A.


  • Control via host computer with standard serial cable or by loading up to 100 lines of programming into internal, non-volatile memory
  • Housing is a 50.8 × 96.5 × 223.5-mm mountable enclosure
  • Resolution programmable to 8 mini-steps per full step
  • Flexibility offered with eight general purpose I/O lines, one general purpose up/down counter, two limit and jog inputs, and home and run program inputs

Pembroke, Mass.
(781) 829-9228
Circle 239

Intelligent sensors

The iSensor family of intelligent sensors integrates a dual-axis MEMS accelerometer, digital temperature sensor, power-management circuitry, and embedded firmware.


  • Provides fully calibrated digital outputs for motion and inclination measurements
  • Embeds detection, calibration, compensation, and filtering functions in 9 × 9-mm package
  • Application-specific programmable power options available; output data provided via serial port interface

Wilmington, Mass.
(800) 262-5643
Circle 240

Fiber-optic sensors

D10 compact, DIN-rail-mountable fiber-optic sensors are available in three models with choice of bipolar discrete, dual-discrete, and analog-discrete outputs.


  • D10 Expert with numeric display offers 4-mode power and speed settings and discrete outputs of 50 and 200 msec and 1 and 2.5-msec response; analog output has 1-msec response
  • D10 Expert with bargraph display offers bipolar discrete output with one current sourcing and sinking, and 500 or 200-µsec response in normal or high-speed mode
  • D10 Discrete output model features 12-turn manual adjustment, bipolar discrete output with one current sourcing and sinking, and 200 or 500-msec response

Minneapolis, Minn.
(888) 373-6767
Circle 241

Motion control programming

LinkMotion 32-bit machine driver software simplifies programming motion control boards by queing files to print, speeds design-to-manufacturing process, and eliminates process or controller hardware.


  • Compatible with many motion control boards, steppers, brushed servos, and brushless servo motors
  • Configured as closed or open-loop
  • Cuts system development and time-to-market cycle; reduces cost of operation for lifetime
  • Loads easily using Microsoft Windows and resides in background

Needham, Mass.
(781) 449-7666
Circle 242

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