Design by objective: PRECISION & ACCURACY

Sept. 1, 2005
Universal joints Needle bearing universal joints are equipped with sealed lubricated needle bearings for precise positioning and extended operation at

Universal joints

Needle bearing universal joints are equipped with sealed lubricated needle bearings for precise positioning and extended operation at high speeds.


  • O.D. of ¾ 1, 1¼, 1½, 2, and 2½ in.; 40 mm
  • Maintains low backlash
  • Rigid axial stiffness for push/pull loads and higher angles and speeds
  • Available in high-grade alloy steel, stainless steel, and extruded aluminum for high strength-to-weight ratios
  • Operating angles to 45°

Broadview, Ill.
(708) 344-4600
Circle 153

Bi-directional encoder interface

EnDat 2.2 digital bi-directional interface can output absolute position values, as well as request or update information in an encoder.


  • Digital transmission via four lines
  • Prevents disturbance and interference in analog signals
  • Offers repeatability, speed stability, and dynamic response
  • Clock frequencies of 8 MHz for cables up to 100 m

Schaumburg, Ill.
(800) 233-0388
Circle 154

Motion analysis software

QuickView software package enables real-time, high-resolution motion analysis for accuracy, velocity, or acceleration.


  • Simple, graphic interface for flexible point and measure operation
  • Resolution to 1 nm (linear) and 0.01 arc/sec (angular)
  • Live data display in oscilloscope format
  • Data capture via free running, single-shot trigger, and multi-shot trigger
  • Measures amplitude, time, and frequency with options for linear, angular, and straightness

Hoffman Estates, Ill.
(847) 286-9953
Circle 155

Linear actuators

EL series explosion-proof linear actuators are rated for Class 1, div. 1, groups B, C, and D hazardous environments, and provide reliable for operation for thousands of hours.


  • Speeds to 25 ips
  • Eight-pole brushless motors
  • Potted Class 1, div. 1 NPT connectors
  • Windings from 24 Vdc to 460 Vac rms

Chanhassen, Minn.
(952) 368-3434
Circle 156

High-speed actuators

KLM actuators achieve high accuracy by incorporating an optic linear encoder and motor.


  • Positioning accuracy of 10/500 mm µm; positioning repeatability of ± 0.3 µm
  • Speeds to 2 m/sec and accelerations to 4.7 G
  • Synthetic resin cage with curvature cradles each ball to separate from others
  • Spaces between rolling elements retain grease for lubrication and maintenance-free operation

Schaumburg, Ill.
(847) 310-1111
Circle 157

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