April 1, 2005
Automation systems The Easy-2-Combine automation system simplifies handling tasks with small parts by using directly combinable individual components.

Automation systems

The Easy-2-Combine automation system simplifies handling tasks with small parts by using directly combinable individual components.


  • Centering elements for interlocking mounting
  • Connections for sensors and air supply provided throughout the system
  • Performs linear movements, pneumatically driven rotation movements, gripper functions


Burr Ridge, Ill.
(630) 654-0170
Circle 175

Valve sensors

Ni 4-DSU35-2DNETX5-H150 valve position sensors allow for direct connection to DeviceNet field bus networks.


  • Dual outputs along with actuation kit (puck) monitor rotary actuator position
  • Compatible with M12 eurofast connections
  • Provides open and closed positions on most 90° actuators for direct valve control
  • For valve stem heights of 20, 30, or 55 mm with outer mounting hole dimensions of either 80 or 130 mm


Minneapolis, Minn.
(800) 544-7769
Circle 176

Vacuum cups

Nomathane vacuum suction cups handle injection-molded plastic parts and coated optics without leaving ghost marks or mold release agents.


  • Pliable silicone-free material resists heat up to 356°F
  • Flat, single, and multi-bellows shapes in standard ⅛ to 2 in. O.D. sizes
  • Custom sizes up to 5 in. O.D.
  • Wear-resistant material outlasts EPDM, TPU polyurethane, neoprene, NBR, nitrile, silicone, Viton, and vinyl


Hudson, Mass.
(800) 654-3500
Circle 177

Locking cylinders

Series CCA Advanced Locking Cylinders with integral Amlock Rod Clamp control overtravel, drifting, bouncing, and reverse traveling.


  • Holds the rod in any mid-stroke position
  • Spring force clamping eliminates drifting
  • Designed for locking reciprocating motions
  • Standard bore sizes of 11/2 to 8 in., and standardstrokeupto 10 ft.
  • 250 psi, with the lock releasing at 60 psi


Rockford, Ill.
(815) 962-6076
Circle 178

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