Aug. 1, 2006
Linear guides Type RSR1M and RSR2M linear motion guides are just a few millimeters in width. Features & benefits RSR1M rail is 1 mm wide; RSR2M is 2 to

Linear guides

Type RSR1M and RSR2M linear motion guides are just a few millimeters in width.

Features & benefits

  • RSR1M rail is 1 mm wide; RSR2M is 2 to 4 mm wide

  • Minimal rolling resistance; four-way equal load ratings

  • Martensitic stainless-steel blocks, rails, and balls withstand harsh environments

  • Heights range from 2.5 to 4 mm; block widths from 4 to 10 mm; block lengths from 6.2 to 17 mm

  • Load ratings from 37 to 307 N (dynamic) and from 58 to 435 N (static)

THK America Inc.
Schaumburg, Ill.
(847) 310-1111
Circle 211

Digital controller card

VT-HACD-1 digital amplifier accepts analog voltage/current and digital SSI or incremental feedback with algorithms for controlling electrohydraulic drives.

Features & benefits

  • Used as a closed-loop control card or command-value generator

  • Pre-programmed for servo and proportional valves with 32 predefined function blocks

  • Supports six software-switchable analog inputs and three outputs, eight programmable digital inputs, and seven configurable digital outputs

Bosch Rexroth Corp.
Lehigh Valley, Pa.
(610) 694-8298
Circle 212

Linear stages

The FB series stage utilizes ceramic servomotors and comes in many sizes.

Features & benefits

  • Slides from 50 to 150 mm wide

  • Based on crossed roller bearings; contain a non-contact linear encoder

  • Position resolution ranges from 1 m to 10 nm

  • Compatible with single and multiaxis configurations with xy or xyz mounting options

  • Vacuum rated and non-magnetic versions available

Nanomotion Inc.
Ronkonkoma, N.Y.
(800) 821-6266
Circle 213

Single-piece flexible couplings

Single-piece couplings compensate for mechanical movement irregularities such as angular and skewed misalignment, parallel offset, and axial motion.

Features & benefits

  • ⅜ to 3 in. OD; 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 mm available

  • Made from aluminum or stainless steel

  • No maintenance, backlash, or lubrication

  • Provide constant rotational velocity and smooth bearing loads

Helical Products Co. Inc.
Santa Maria, Calif.
(805) 928-3851
Circle 215

Compact position sensors

TEX series of position sensors combine a compact housing — 18 mm diameter — with pressure equalization.

Features & benefits

  • Stroke lengths to 300 mm

  • Linearity of ±0.05%; resolution better than 0.01 mm

  • Pivot heads provide a large angle of free movement to eliminate side-load error

  • Operating life of up to 20 million movements

Novotechnik US Inc.
Southborough, Mass.
(508) 485-2244
Circle 214

Helical planetary gearheads

Helical planetary precision gearheads attach directly to servo and stepper motors.

Features & benefits

  • Planet carrier; input and output sealing design

  • Heat and surface-treated

  • Black anodized aluminum or epoxy-coated housings; stainless-steel gearhead parts

Boston Gear, div. of Altra Industrial Motion
Quincy, Mass.
(888) 999-9860
Circle 216

Interface box

EIB 192 external interface box changes signals from analog to digital.

Features & benefits

  • Input frequency is less than or equal to 400 kHz

  • Converts sine/cosine signals to EnDat 2.2

  • Lets incremental encoders with 1-Vpp signals be used as part of an absolute system

Heidenhain Corp.
Schaumburg, Ill.
(847) 490-1191
Circle 217

Ring slide and track system

HDRT heavy-duty system combines flexibility and function of the PRT ring track system with size and strength of the HDS slide system.

Features & benefits

  • Supports loads up to 40 kN

  • Single edge rings from 512 to 1656 mm diameter, with optional integral gear

  • Internal and external V rings suit three bearing sizes and two lubricators; available in seven sizes, and two precision grades

  • High-strength aluminum alloy fixed center or bogie carriages are available with 64 or 95 mm diameter; 120 mm optional

Bishop-Wisecarver Corp.
Pittsburg, Calif.
(888) 580-8272
Circle 218

Bus terminal controllers

BX9000 bus terminal controller is DIN rail mountable, with direct connection to bus terminal I/O system of more than 180 terminal designs.

Features & benefits

  • 256 Kbyte program memory and a 256 Kbyte data memory

  • Display has 2 lines of 16 characters each and joystick switch for user interaction or diagnostic information

  • Interfaces with ModbusTCP, ADS/TCP, ADS/UDP, BootP, DHCP, SNTP, and SMTP

  • RS232 and RS232/RS485 serial interfaces are integrated for programming and connecting more serial devices

Beckhoff Automation LLC
Burnsville, Minn.
(952) 890-0000
Circle 219

Programming software

LabView 8.20 graphical programming system supports text-based math with MathScript, improves control design and simulation performance, and accelerates development of real-time system prototypes.

Features & benefits

  • Allows mix-and-match of m-files and LabView scripts

  • Incorporates algorithms from standard math packages such as Maple, Mathcad, and Scilab

  • Improves PID and advanced control bandwidth by a factor of 19 and execution of simulations by a factor of nine

  • Integrates control algorithms and plant models from third-party platforms

  • FPGA Wizard automatically generates I/O code and timing structures for quick prototype designs

National Instruments Corp.
Austin, Tex.
(800) 258-7022
Circle 220

Anti-backlash nuts

C-series nuts optimize system stiffness without sacrificing life or increasing drag torque.

Features & benefits

  • Eliminate clearance between threads of nut and threads of leadscrew

  • Eliminate backlash by pushing two nuts away from each other

  • Self-lubricating polyacetal and precision-rolled 303 stainless-steel screw material provides smooth operation

  • Available in many diameters and leads

Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc.
Waterbury, Conn.
(203) 756-7441
Circle 221

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