July 1, 2012
Motorized microscope stage Miniaturized ceramic linear drives from Physik Instrumente (PI) L.P. work with the M-687 motorized microscope XY stage for

Motorized microscope stage

Miniaturized ceramic linear drives from Physik Instrumente (PI) L.P. work with the M-687 motorized microscope XY stage for inverted microscopes.

• Complete system includes a controller, joystick, and software; self-clamping ceramic/ceramic linear motors in the positioner are more compact than electromagnetic motors and provide higher positional stability — once in place, no energy is consumed to hold position (no heat dissipation) • Integrated, 100-nm resolution linear encoders provide direct position feedback to the controller, allowing closed-loop operation with high accuracy • Constant velocity down to 10 microns/sec; travel to 135 × 85 mm; suitable for long exposure imaging, image stitching • Speeds to 120 mm/sec; allows for free rotation of the turret for inverted microscopes



The 3863 CR dc micromotor from Faulhaber (through MICROMO) contains ZHN48 magnet material to produce torque performance of 150 mNm at 8,000 rpm.

• 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 V • Speed controller SC5008 and motion controller MCDC 3006 can be used to control the motor's speed or manage it when deployed as a positioning drive • Low-friction torque and high thermal resistance; can be assembled with a wide range of gearheads and encoders up to 1,024 resolution


Solid-state relays

The G3NA Series of solid-state relays from Omega Engineering control resistance heaters with temperature controllers.

• LED operation indicator has built-in varistor to absorb external surges; available for ac and dc loads and control voltages, in current ratings to 50 A


Rod end bearings with various ball materials

igubal K-Series rod end bearings in a clip version are available from igus Inc. in different ball materials.

• Dimensionally interchangeable; six high-performance plastic blends, plus stainless steel; spherical balls standard in iglide L280, suitable for applications with high wear rates • Also offered in iglide R. J, J4, T500 for environments exposed to chemicals and high temperatures, and UW for underwater applications


Right-angle ac/dc gearmotor

Right-angle ac/dc fractional-hp gearmotors from Baird Electric Mfg., designed as Von Weise & Bison drop-in replacements, are available with output speeds from 4 to 100 rpm and torques from 25 to 250 lb-in.

• Driven by universal motor with 115 Vac or dc and can be inexpensively speed controlled with a potentiometer or electronic control • Left, right, or double-output shaft configurations, all-position mounting; 1/15-hp motor rotation is reversible


Power density, motor smarts

The Gold Drum HV 100/800 from Elmo Motion Control is a compact servo drive that delivers up to 100 A to 800 Vdc.

• EtherCAT and CANopen compliant; creates a high-level, real-time, multi-axis network • Direct to mains operation from rectified 480 Vac • Supports any feedback in single, dual, and gantry configurations; wide bandwidth in current, velocity, position operating modes; current loop bandwidth — 4 kHz • IEC61800, UL508c, UL60950, and EN61000 compliant


SCR-rated motors

Ohio Electric Motors' custom designed, SCR-rated dc motors are compatible with full wave, phase type, or pulse-width-modulated SCR controllers.

• NEMA frames 48, 56, 143, 145, and 184 with an output range from 1/4 to 3 hp • 1,750 to 2,500 rpm and 90 to 180 Vdc • Suitable for machine tools, electric vehicles, and servomotors; NEMA-rated magnet wire with Class H Insulation, polyester varnish impregnated armatures, dynamic balancing to reduce vibrations, oversized and sealed ball bearings with high temperature grease • TENV/TEBC/TEFC, low-loss steel laminations • External brush access, excellent heat dissipation, UL and CSA Listing and optional anti-rust, zinc coating, or private labeling


90-mm flat motor

The brushless dc EC90 ultraslim motor from maxon precision motors inc. is now equipped with a MILE (maxon's Inductive Little Encoder), possibly the world's smallest inductive rotary encoder.

• Detects high-frequency inductivity, which generates eddy current in an electrically conducting target • Resolving up to 3,200 impulses/turn, resistance to dust or oil vapor • Insensitive to interference pulses as from PWM controllers or motor magnets • 517 mNm output


Hygienic servomotors

The Kollmorgen W Series IP69K-sealed hygienic servomotors feature an all-stainless-steel, round housing design for long life and reliable operation in harsh washdown applications.

• Venting system eliminates need to supply compressed air to the motor, and a 3 and 6-m standard flying lead option eliminates the need for intermediate cables • High-grade stainless steel for all external and internal metal components, food-grade bearing grease, a food-grade shaft seal, and a laser-etched nameplate • 16 frame/stack combinations deliver 80-Nm continuous torque and 390-Nm peak torque at speeds to 7,500 rpm


Integrated vertical and rotation stage

The ZVR from Newport Corp. is suitable for semiconductor wafer positioning, metrology, inspection, and repair.

• Also useful in LED production and applications such as 3D scanning, digitizing models, and validation; improved cantilevered load capacity • Significantly lower cross-talk than earlier designs, low mass, high natural frequency • Three-point base — for stability — with a stepper-motor-driven 10-mm Z stage; stainless-steel rotation stage features smooth operation utilizing stainless steel ball bearings • Aperture through the center of the stage simplifies electrical cable and vacuum-chuck cable/hose management


Tiny stepper motor

The PD4-N5918M motor from Nanotec Electronic U.S. Inc. is the latest addition to the IP65-rated Plug & Drive integrated stepper motor line.

• 80.6 mm long; to 1.13 N and 2,400 rpm output; 12 to 48 V • Leverages smooth-running dspDrive technology, sine commutation and an integrated position control system with an encoder • Equipped with M12 connections, EMC-compatible; withstands -10° to +40° C • Compatible with Plug & Drive motors in other sizes • Can be operated in closed-loop mode with high precision and low resonance, without step errors; with RS485 or CANopen interface


Pneumatic air actuator

D-type Series air actuators from ContiTech North America Inc. are designed to allow quick subcomponent replacement.

• Aluminum connecting plates to 175 mm OD • Eight sizes in one, two, or three-convolution bellows — 80 mm/Type 22 to 435 mm/Type 816 • No piston rod, strokes exceeding 400 mm are possible • 0.5 to 80 kN lifting


BLDC and smart servomotors

The low-voltage brushless dc and intelligent servomotor line from Dunkermotor USA Inc. includes custom configurable BLDC motors, controls, gearheads, brakes, encoders, and accessories.

• Five frame sizes of high power density and low voltage, 32 to 75 mm with continuous output power ratings to 530 W • Separate or integral controls, incremental or absolute encoders, and matched parallel-shaft and right-angle gearing; permit simple two-wire operation; Profibus and EtherCAT interface options added to control 45, 65, and 75-mm motors to allow slave operation in motion control networks • New BGE 30100 standalone control for use with battery-powered brushless motors up to 500 W; CANopen-Profibus gateway to allow CANopen motors slave operation in a Profibus network


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