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April 1, 2009
Cost-cutting online calculator Now available online: a new tool to help manufacturers understand uses of machine vision and industrial identification.

Cost-cutting online calculator

Now available online: a new tool to help manufacturers understand uses of machine vision and industrial identification. “In these difficult economic times, optimizing quality and reducing cost is important. Our new Cost Savings Advisor makes it easy for manufacturers to calculate the cost reductions through using Cognex vision and ID systems,” says Peter Neve of Cognex Corp. The free tool can be found at www.cognex.com/costsavings. Users are asked a few simple questions about each vision application. The tool then calculates the potential cost savings that could be achieved by implementing solutions on production lines.

Coupling help

To help design engineers sort through the wide range of motion control couplings, a complete Design Guide to coupling performance characteristics is now offered at www.huco.com.

Huco Dynatork, an Altra Industrial Motion co., supplies small couplings suitable for use in high-end servodrives, pulse generators, scanners, X-Y positioning slides, and high-speed applications. The Huco website also contains a unique Coupling Selector tool, to identify coupling types that meet design criteria for angular, radial or axial misalignment, or a combination of all three.

PARTsolutions online catalog

PBC Linear — Pacific Bearing Linear — now offers 3D CAD files online. Simply register or login (the process is fast) for access at pbc-linear.com. “PARTsolutions looks forward to serving customers with the best digital product configurator technology and lead generation network available,” says Rob Zesch, president of PARTsolutions.

New site + linear motion tools

A new website enables users to identify products based on a range of criteria, calculate life and loads, download solid models, and order products. Launched by Del-Tron Precision, Inc., the new website puts all design information in one place.

It details linear motion devices including ball and crossed-roller slides, micrometer positioning stages, crossed roller tables, ball and leadscrew-driven actuators, belt drive actuators, crossed-roller rail sets, recirculating slide guides, and air actuators. A part search tool enables quick picks: Each time the engineer makes a selection, the website presents a list of all products that meet his or her criteria.

On the site, engineers can access a “life calculator” button and enter load, speed, temperature, load type factor, and required reliability, and the site calculates rated product life; users can view, zoom, and rotate 3D models of Del-Tron products simply by downloading a free viewer. For more information, visit www.deltron.com.

Webcast on efficiency: April 16

Efficiency is often one of the last factors that design engineers consider when specifying for an OEM application, yet it is critical to optimized design. When does a more efficient but sometimes more costly motor provide ROI over the application life? Join Groschopp engineers Ron Didier and Jared Birk for the answer, as well as an overview of efficiency as it relates to other considerations.

  1. Application considerations

    Use application design checklists to gather efficiency-related information and understand what it means.

  2. Component comparisons

    Explore efficiencies and operating characteristics of various motors, gearboxes, and controls.

  3. System efficiency

    How does one effectively match components to achieve both performance points and efficiency? Are some combinations better, or worse, than others?

  4. Cost impact

    Learn how to apply formulas to evaluate system cost and operating cost, while still meeting application design requirements.

Case studies will showcase practical examples, and will be followed by a live Q&A session with Didier and Birk. Attendees will also receive an early-release download of the new STPe desktop design tool that allows calculation of operating cost based on speed, torque and power requirements and local kwh energy costs. Broaden your knowledge for free and attend the webinar at machinedesign.com/webinar/groschopp/efficiency. Who should attend: Electrical and mechanical design engineers seeking better understanding of how to make motor, gearbox and overall system decisions for maximum efficiency, and OEMs or OEM suppliers who need to understand and evaluate the “costs” of efficiency and optimized system options.

April 9th: Plastic gear webinar

Engineers are focused on creating cost-effective, energy-efficient designs that offer performance and value to end customers. Advancements in design, materials, manufacturing, and inspection have made it possible to meet these product development goals and expand plastic gear applications.

A free webinar being held Thursday, April 9th (and then archived afterwards) presents one approach to plastic gear development including critical gear design principles and:

  • Performance requirements to determine optimal materials selection

  • Overview of tooling optimization technique

  • Metrology methods for plastic gears and a live question-and-answer session with presenters

Broaden your knowledge for free and attend the live webinar (or review the archived class later) at machinedesign.com/webinar/thermotech/gear.

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