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Working with washdown

Feb. 1, 2008
High-pressure, caustic environments are some of the most challenging to design around. Consider these washdown workhorses to reinforce your motion systems.

High-pressure, caustic environments are some of the most challenging to design around. Consider these washdown workhorses to reinforce your motion systems.

Vertical conveyor takes sanitation to new heights

AquaPruf LPZ Series platform conveyors offer the highest level of sanitation with virtually no spillage on incline or decline applications. The sprocket-driven LPZ can be disassembled for cleaning by one person — without tools — in a few minutes, versus several hours for traditional bucket conveyors. A solid urethane belt provides consistent operation in wet environments, won't stretch in humid conditions, and has no bacteria-harboring hinges or pins. For extreme height applications, conveyors of 20 feet or taller can be built.

Dorner Manufacturing
(800) 397-8664

Leadscrew assembly ready for washdown

The updated ScrewRail combines drive and support/guidance components in a single coaxial design that saves as much as 80% of the space used by a two-rail system. It includes a precision rolled leadscrew supported by sealed bearings and contained within a concentric steel guide rail that drives an integrated nut/bushing. TFE coating and self-lubricating nut/bushing materials mean zero maintenance. All materials are compatible with washdown environments. Mounted vertically, the ScrewRail can be used to simultaneously lift and rotate.

Kerk Motion Products Inc.
(603) 465-7227

Touchless sensors handle harsh environments

The Vert-X E Series of touchless rotary angle sensors features a permanent magnet that is secured to the rotating object (usually a shaft) by the end user. No direct mechanical linkage exists between the axis and measuring system, so axial or radial forces cannot cause wear. The compact sensors operate in temperatures from -40° to 125° C and are suited to work in even the toughest environments with fully molded IP69-specified versions.

(734) 591-7476

Cables stay flexible in extreme cold

Recently upgraded Xtra-Guard 4 cables remain flexible even at temperatures as low as -50° C. A durable UL-approved jacket allows the cable to flex freely without compromising resistance to oils, chemicals, solvents, or fuel. Improved flexibility also eases handling and installation. The cable is suitable for use in refrigerated areas, freezers, industrial and construction equipment, and other demanding applications where temperatures range from -50° to 125° C.

Alpha Wire Co.
(800) 52-ALPHA

Efficient motor saves energy, withstands rust

SSE Stainless Super-E washdown duty motors, available in ½ to 10 hp, offer a stainless steel housing, conduit box (welded to the motor), box cover, shaft, base, fan cover, and slinger. This makes the motor impervious to rust and deterioration caused by high-pressure caustic sanitizing. A hydrophobic aspiration system removes condensation moisture in the motor, eliminating the need for drains used in conventional washdown motors. Winding design and efficiency levels are at or above the NEMA premium standard.

Baldor Electric Co.
(800) 828-4920

In-line reducer has appetite for food industry

The food-grade Cyclo in-line reducer features an enhanced C-face quill design, an antimicrobial rotary output seal that acts as a flinger to expel contaminants, and a stainless steel output shaft and hardware. Food-grade lubricant and paint, both FDA approved, equip the in-line reducer for service in aggressive, high-pressure washdown applications typical in the food industry.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies
(757) 485-8218

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