Dec. 1, 2005
Soft ride A new line of oversized PCV heat shrinkable tubing prevents scratches and protects fragile products as they move over rollers, frames, and machine

Soft ride

A new line of oversized PCV heat shrinkable tubing prevents scratches and protects fragile products as they move over rollers, frames, and machine guides. Easily installed, HS105 PVC tubing is offered in 17 sizes from 3/64 to 4 in.

Featuring a 2:1 shrink ratio, it conforms to items' shapes (such as tapered rollers), shrinks at 212°F, and can be applied with a heat gun or in an oven.

Tubing comes in a variety of Pantone colors, including white, clear, and bright neon. It is unaffected by oils and detergents, cleans easily, and meets UL subject 224 VW01. In addition, it can color-code to machinery and piping for proper product flow and can be used over foam cushioning for protection.

Woburn, Mass.
(781) 935-0800
Circle 249

Pulling their weight

Motorized pulleys with integrated shaft encoders allow conveyor system operators to accurately synchronize product movements. Using SKF or SNR pulse outputs, they can precisely monitor pulley movement to control conveyor belt speed, position, torque, and rotational direction.

The encoders are hermetically sealed in a stainless-steel housing to eliminate external influences and provide reliable control. The system achieves accurate belt movements up to ±0.0002 in. at speeds of 19 to 500 fpm.

Integrated encoders are available on pulleys from 3.18 to 12.6-in. diameter and 7.8 to 67-in. face-width. Power is transmitted through the gearbox, which is coupled to a geared rim fixed to the drum and housing.

Durable steel gears with precision-cut and honed teeth reduce noise to 50 dB. The motors run at 96% efficiency to save up to 32% unloaded and 47% loaded power.

Wilmington, N.C.
(910) 790-8008
Circle 250

Giving good vibes

The 8001-series active electronic-vibration platform delivers vibration isolation in benchtop units via a microprocessor that uses active feedback to sense vibrations and eliminate them immediately. All six transitional and rotational vibration modes are isolated as the unit adjusts to different loads without intervention.

Available in four sizes from 16 × 18 × 3.15 to 24 × 31 × 5.25 in. for loads from 300 to 600 lb.

Free of frequency resonance, the 8001 damps vibrations from 1 to 1000 Hz. Isolation begins at 0.7 Hz and increases to 40 dB at 10 Hz with a 99% efficiency.

A multiplexed signal exhibits vibration levels with and without isolation on an oscilliscope. At 40 lb, the aluminum platform is 500 times stiffer than an air table.

Boston, Mass.
(617) 522-8700
www.kineticsystems.comCircle 251

Platform upstages ball screws

The PowerTrack platform replaces ball-screw stages with linear motors and integrated bearing/encoder technology for a low-profile stage with high speeds and accelerations.

The platform eliminates wear and tear associated with couplings and screws and can handle strokes to 1,792 mm with high accuracy.

Featuring easy installation of single and multiple axes, the system employs ball Monorail guideways for smooth running, low pulsation, and low frictional values.

The complete linear system includes an integral measuring system, limit switches, and linear drive. It does not require a baseplate and can be fitted directly to the infrastructure.

Bedford, Mass.
(781) 271-0140
www.schneeberger.comCircle 252

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