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Nov. 1, 2007
Dc gearmotor MMP TM55-24V GP52-124 reversible gearmotor accepts any 24 Vdc source, including battery power. Features & benefits Motor measures 2.14-in.

Dc gearmotor

MMP TM55-24V GP52-124 reversible gearmotor accepts any 24 Vdc source, including battery power.

Features & benefits

  • Motor measures 2.14-in. in diameter × 7.7-in. long, and has a keyed output shaft of 12-mm diameter × 25-mm long

  • Easy mounting with four face mount M5 threaded holes

  • Output is rated for 124 lb-in. continuous torque at 37 rpm, and 444 lb-in. peak

  • Motor windings for 12, 36, 48, 60, and 90 V are available

Midwest Motion Products
(952) 955-2626
Circle 162

Motion control system

The Rexroth NYCe4000 controls up to 10 stepper and servo motors with integrated drive technology.

Features & benefits

  • Integrates control and drive hardware in one unit with a smaller footprint than an industrial PC

  • Up to 120 digital and analog I/O ports

  • Up to 62 NYCe4000 controllers can operate in a network using standard PC technology

Bosch Rexroth Corp.
(800) 739-7684
Circle 163

VFD motor control

Dual Input Interface VFD motor control is designed as a plug-and-play, which allows it to be hooked up to a conveyor system, plug in accessories, and turn it on, without wiring.

Features & benefits

  • 115 V/230 V single-phase input voltage; 230 V/460 V three-phase input voltage

  • Two input locations for control devices

  • Up to 2 hp (depending on model)

  • Motor overload protection; Nema 12 enclosure with lockable disconnect switch

  • T-slot mounting for increased flexibility and ease of wiring; no high voltage wiring for added safety

Dorner Mfg. Corp.
Circle 164

Studded guide wheels

DualVee integral guide wheels are available in custom stud lengths.

Features & benefits

  • Available in carbon steel or polymer versions, in one-piece design

  • Lower profile and larger diameter fasteners provide high rigidity and mounting torque capability

  • Custom lengths can be made, regardless of profile constraints

Bishop-Wisecarver Corp.
(925) 431-8234
Circle 165

Brushless dc motor

Compact, high-performance, 8-pole brushless dc motor is capable of 20% more torque than a standard 4-pole servomotor configuration, making it possible to solve demanding applications that may currently require more expensive NEMA 34 motors.

Features & benefits

  • Continuous torque to 230 oz-in.; peak torque of 690 oz-in.

  • Variety of electrical and mechanical options available including an enclosed encoder, or sealed for IP65 wash down requirements

  • Custom mounting and winding configurations possible

(508) 835-4305
Circle 166

Mechanical vibration switches

Model 685A07 mechanical vibration switch provides continuous vibration monitoring in applications that require immediate shutdown when increased vibration levels are present.

Features & benefits

  • Come standard with external pushbutton reset, and require no power to operate

  • Use a spring loaded, magnetically coupled sensor, which can be externally adjusted for higher or lower sensitivity

  • CSA certified explosion-proof versions with identical features available

IMI Sensors, Div. PCB Piezotronics Inc.
(800) 959-4464
Circle 167

Pneumatic assembly tools

Series of pneumatic tools tackles numerous assembly functions with both bench-mounted and hand-held models.

Features & benefits

  • Operates on 85 to 95 psi

  • Lightweight tools are easily moved, allowing rapid adjustment of assembly lines for optimum production

  • Setup time is minimized with jaws that can be changed over from product to product in less than a minute

  • Force-multiplying air cylinder delivers more than 4,000 lb thrust to cam-operated jaws

  • Circuitry in foot-operated control box includes adjustable pressure-sensing valve for various jaw closing forces

Fabco-Air Inc.
(352) 373-3578
Circle 168

Spring-applied brake

BFK458-L Intorq long-life, spring-applied brake provides 10 million cycles or two years of service life and is released by applying dc voltage to an electromagnetic coil.

Features & benefits

  • Constructed with cast iron casing
  • Four sizes with rated torques from 4 to 46 Nm
  • Shaft sizes from 10 to 25 mm
  • Brake coils can be supplied for 24 V low voltage connection or rectified mains at 103, 180, and 250 V

Lenze-AC Tech
(508) 278-9100
Circle 169

Ironless linear positioner

Trilogy T1D and T1S I-Force positioners feature a 110 series linear motor, linear bearings, linear encoder, and mechanics (base, carriage plates, bumpers, brackets, and cable track).

Features & benefits

  • Selectable single- or dual-square rail bearings

  • They connect together using transition plates for XY or multi-axis configurations

  • Peak forces in two sizes to 46 lb; continuous forces to 10 lb

  • Travel lengths to 33.6 in. in 2.4-in. increments

  • Speeds to 180 in./sec; accelerations to 6 g

Parker Hannifin Corp., Electromechanical Automation
(602) 861-0440
Circle 170

Step motor drivers

R701 and R710 RoHS-compliant, bipolar drivers feature onboard trimpots that can be adjusted to alter the current waveform coming out of the motor and going into the step motor coils to reduce vibration and increase smoothness.

Features & benefits

  • Operate from 24 to 80 Vdc

  • Supply phase currents ranging from 1 to 7 A

  • 10× microstepping; selectable current reduction of 33%

  • Step frequency of 200 kHz and optically isolated step, direction, and disable/enable inputs

Lin Engineering
(408) 919-0200
Circle 171

Brushless dc motors

Pittman size 04 slotless brushless dc motors can perform with virtually no noise or vibration at the highest speeds.

Features & benefits

  • Parallex coil-winding geometry generates more power using less energy for maximized operation and efficiency

  • Compact size (0.375 in.) can accommodate applications with small design envelopes and requiring high performance

  • No load speeds to 50,000 rpm and continuous torque to 0.30 oz-in.

  • 2-pole rotor, 3-phase stator, and neodymium magnets enhance reliability

  • Stainless steel housings offer corrosion-resistance; precision shielded ball bearings and balanced rotors contribute to smooth and quiet operation

Ametek Technical & Industrial Products
(330) 673-3452
Circle 172

Digital driver

Ion digital drive with field-oriented control provides greater motor efficiency and higher top-end rotation speed than alternate methods for brushless dc and step motors.

Features & benefits

  • Fully enclosed, single-axis module provides motion control, network connectivity, and amplification

  • Magellen Motion processor offers flexible and powerful instruction set to initialize and control application, monitor performance, and synchronize behavior

  • Provides profile generation, servo compensation, stall detection, and digital torque control

  • Program using Pro-Motion, Windows-based exerciser, C-Motion, and VB-Motion software libraries

Performance Motion Devices Inc.
(781) 674-9860
Circle 173

Feed roller system

Super Drive feed roller system is a non-marking, high traction, soft feed roller with flush-sided hubs for stacking.

Features & benefits

  • Set screws, and special mounts, bearings, and bushings available

  • Replaceable throwaway tires are non-marking and precision molded from polyurethane to increase toughness, traction, abrasion, and heat resistance

  • More than 60 sizes and five standard hardness levels from 50 to 95 duro A scale

  • Diameters from 3¼ to 16 in.; widths from ¾ to 5¾ in.

Western Roller Corp.
(800) 541-2317
Circle 174

Stainless-steel couplings

Stainless-steel 17-4PH couplings provide high strength, fatigue resistance, and torsional stiffness.

Features & benefits

  • MC series offers high torque and torsional stiffness with two sets of flexures for increased parallel offset

  • W series fits shafts from 3 to 20 mm, MC series from 0.156 to 1.75 in. and H series from 0.059 to 0.75 in.

  • Include configurations with reliefs, and set screw or integral clamp attachments with inch or metric bores; can transmit torque through 5°

Helical Products Co. Inc.
(877) 353-9873
Circle 175

Universal joints

Corrosion resistant universal joints and drive shaft assemblies are machined from stainless steel to resist sterilizing solutions, nitric acid, inorganic chemicals, foods, and most organic chemicals and dyes.

Features & benefits

  • Single version can be modified to make double butted or true compact double universal joints as well as complete drive shaft assemblies with telescoping feature for easy on/easy off installation

  • Needle bearing universal joints provide precise positioning and can operate continuously at high speeds

  • Hub materials available in many grades of stainless steel including 303, 304, and 316

  • Bores can be customized for any ID and depth to attain a blind configuration, preventing shaft penetration into the center joint components

  • Come in inch and metric sizes and operating angles up to 35°

Belden Inc.
(708) 344-4600
Circle 176

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