Aug. 1, 2005
Open door policy ATD automatic door openers are designed for field retrofit on existing machinery for horizontal or vertical door operations. They protect

Open door policy

ATD automatic door openers are designed for field retrofit on existing machinery for horizontal or vertical door operations. They protect operators from both crushing and repetitive motion injuries and include built-in safety features that continuously monitor torque and speed.

The ATD door openers reverse automatically when they encounter an obstacle, preventing both injuries and downtime. The self-calibrating openers operate without limit switches, light curtains, pressure switches, or photo eyes. Internal braking system engages in any stopped position

They do not require shop air because they are fully-electric. Operation is done via an easy-to-use, pre-programmed control module. During operation, machine cycles are automatic but controlled manually.

New Berlin, Wis.
(262) 786-1500
Circle 117

Drumming up power

Drum motors, or motorized pulleys, act as conveyer drive systems in which the motor, transmission, and bearings are totally enclosed within the drum shell. Power from the motor is transmitted through the gearbox, which is joined to a geared rim on the drum and housing.

Durable steel gears with precision-cut and honed teeth reduce noise to 50 dB. Running at 96% efficiency, they save up to 32% (unloaded) and 47% (loaded) on power consumption.

Water, dirt, dust, grit, chemicals, and other contaminants cannot penetrate the “sealed for life” drum motor. A compact design eliminates all external parts like motors, gearboxes, chains, belts, pillow block bearings, and associated guards.

Ranging in size from 3.18 to 12.6 in. with face widths of 7.8 to 67 in., drum motors are rated from 0.11 to 7.5 hp. Belt speeds range from 23 to 1,369 ft/min.

Wilmington, N.C.
(910) 790-8008
Circle 118

Coordinating gantries

AGS1000 series Cartesian gantry systems are driven by BLMC series brushless linear servomotors for speeds of 2m/sec and accelerations of 2G. Feedback via a non-contact optical linear encoder with resolution of 10 Nm to 1.0mm.

Thermal expansion ensures high accuracy. There is no backlash or wear. Preloaded linear motion guides with wiper seals and grease fittings serve as bearings for stiffness and load distribution.

Cable management system uses large bend radii and high-flex cables for millions of cycles of maintenance-free operation. Cabling and pneumatics can be routed through the e-chain, with connectors at the work-piece and opposite end of the chain.

Turnkey options include Z-theta mechanisms, risers to accommodate automated parts handling equipment, and machine bases for electronics subsystem.

Pittsburgh, Pa.
(412) 963-7470
Circle 119

Gantries with giddyap

It's no myth. Hercules Series gantries feature a modular design for versatility and linear motors for maximum throughput and micron-level precision. Each axis incorporates its own iron core or ironless (zero-cogging) linear servomotor in one of three coil lengths, achieving travels of 250 to 1,000 mm.

Motor options are available for high-speed point-to-point motion, heavy y-axis payloads, long x-axis crossbeams, and extremely smooth dual-axis contouring. Hercules gantries also feature high-strain relieved cables neatly bundled in modular cable carriers and optional high-resolution optical encoders.

Shirley, N.Y.
(631) 344-6600
Circle 120

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