Spotlight: Brakes & clutches

Dec. 1, 2006
Hysteresis brakes PHT-D hysteresis brakes operate by double permanent magnets and have no wear, making them suitable for constant tension applications

Hysteresis brakes

PHT-D hysteresis brakes operate by double permanent magnets and have no wear, making them suitable for constant tension applications as well as torque limiting applications.

Features & benefits

  • Torque ranges from 0 to 62 lb-in. in 9 models

  • Deliver torque regardless of slip speed

  • Smaller models have maximum speeds of 3,600 rpm; larger models have maximum speeds of 1,800 rpm

  • Can be adjusted individually within given torque range

Ogura Industrial Corp.
Somerset, N.J.
(732) 271-7361
Circle 275

Lift truck brake

LWB hydraulic-actuated, full-circle disc brake uses center hub of wheel rim as a friction surface to eliminate need for bolt-on friction rotors.

Features & benefits

  • High-strength ductile iron and asbestos-free friction material for reliable stopping and long life

  • Secondary seals protect piston seals; deflector plate prevents entanglement of foreign objects

  • Piston seals minimize fluid displacement and come in a variety of materials

  • Act as a spindle and bearing support for load wheel; minimizes temperatures as wheel's thermal mass absorbs heat

Carlisle Industrial Brake&Friction
Bloomington, Ind.
(812) 334-8727
Circle 276

Electromagnetic power-off brakes

Thomson-Deltran AKB spring-set, electromagnetic power-off brakes feature a built-in quiet feature.

Features & benefits

  • Available in 1.83 to 5 in. diameters

  • Static engagement with torque from 12.5 to 470lbin.

  • Fixed field assembly does not rotate; rotor assembly secured to shaft

  • In power-off mode, fixed and rotating components engage to stop or hold load

Danaher Motion
Wood Dale, Ill.
(866) 993-2624
Circle 277

Capping clutch

Magnetic capping clutch features smooth torque magnetic technology to eliminate pounding of traditional synchronous headsets.

Features & benefits

  • Reduces variation of removal torque; improves process capability

  • Eliminates vibration and over-tightening

  • Easy-to-use setting scales for top-load spring and static torque

  • All stainless-steel construction, quad seals, and drain holes for frequent washdown

Warner Electric, Div. of Altra Industrial Motion
South Beloit, Ill.
(888) 350-1891
Circle 278

Hollow-shaft clutch

Clutch uses magnetic particles for variable, smooth slip torque, torque limiting, and soft starts.

Features & benefits

  • Torque ranges from 1 to 38 lb-ft

  • Horizontally shaft-mounted

  • Torque transmitted with keyed shaft; input shaft driven by belt and pulley

  • 300 W heat dissipation

  • May be used as a brake for controlling payout tension

Placid Industries Inc.
Lake Placid, N.Y.
(518) 523-2422
Circle 279

Lightweight brake

Arc brake is spring-applied and electrically released and functions well on imagers mounted on rotating arms with travels less than 360°.

Features & benefits

  • Moves ±15° from null position

  • 5 in. long, 1.1 lb-brake supplies 90 lb-ft torque

  • Five stationary inner disks with friction pucks and six rotating outer disks

  • Power-off, spring set brake; can be configured as power-on or bi-stable (pulse operated)

  • Low drag when energized

Sepac Inc.
Elmira, N.Y.
(800) 331-3207
Circle 280

Multi-plate clutch

Marine-style clutch features reduced size and weight for higher torque and heat capacities.

Features & benefits

  • Torques from 75 to more than 1.2 million lb-ft

  • Speeds over 5,000 rpm

  • Small OD; large allowable bores

  • Drop-in replacement for other models, including Eaton CH clutch

Solon, Ohio
(440) 498-7458
Circle 281

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