Spotlight Electric Actuators

Nov. 1, 2006
Integrated actuator system Ternary all-in-one linear system controls multiple positions, integrating electronics, precision mechanics, feedback, and software.

Integrated actuator system

Ternary all-in-one linear system controls multiple positions, integrating electronics, precision mechanics, feedback, and software.

Features & benefits

  • Two sizes — 046 and 032 — for forces up to 600 and 190 N

  • Linear travel up to 300 mm at 450 mm/sec (046) and 300 mm at 900mm/sec

  • Use on Profibus, DP, CANopen, or DeviceNet for parallel and serial control, and simultaneous starting

  • Planetary gearbox ratios from 5 to 25:1; repeatability to ±0.009 mm

alpha gear drives inc.
Bartlett, Ill.
(630) 540-5341
Circle 264

Modular linear system

Smart linear actuator module automation system features DirectConnect technology for easy integration of pneumatic slides, grippers, and rotaries.

Features & benefits

  • Three models with strokes from 100 to 1,400 mm and stroke speeds from 1 to 1,100 mm/sec

  • Uses Smart Motor technology for integrated motor and drive

  • Fully integrated servo/pneumatic motion control

  • Simple programming and software; online web configurator

De-Sta-Co Robohand
Madison Heights, Mich.
(888) 337-8226
Circle 265

Electric actuators

Tritex electric actuators combine brushless servomotors, servo amplifiers, and position controllers in one housing to eliminate external amplifier and cables.

Features & benefits

  • Linear versions come with front flange, rear clevis, side, or trunnion mounts; rotary come in standard IEC dimensions

  • 3 in. frame size (linear); 90 mm frame size (rotary)

  • 3 to 18 in. strokes, 1250 lbf maximum thrust and 2270 lbf peak; 25 in./sec velocity (linear)

  • 42 lbf-in. continuous, 84 lbf-in. peak torque; 24 and 48 Vdc power; and 1,700 rpm base motor speed (rotary)

Exlar Corp.
Chanhassen, Minn.
(952) 368-3434
Circle 266

Linear actuators

Three models of Care 33 linear actuators position equipment safely and reliably while promoting high dynamic load capacity, silent operation, and low current consumption.

Features & benefits

  • Strokes from 50 to 500 mm

  • Dynamic load rating from 800 to 2,000 N

  • Speeds from 8 to 45 mm/sec

  • Floating gearbox lets load path pass directly through support bearing located in rear attachment

SKF Actuation Systems
Bethlehem, Pa.
(800) 541-3624
Circle 267

Electromechanical linear actuator

Linear actuator is a leadscrew-driven package that improves accuracy and offers high precision and long life.

Features & benefits

  • Accepts NEMA size 17, 23, and 34 motors

  • Kerkote TFE coating, Kerkite high-performance composite polymers, and precision lead screws

  • Varies speeds within stroke for flexible adjustments of sizes and shapes

  • Eliminates noise, air, and cost of pneumatics; does not require lubrication

Kerk Motion Products Inc.
Hollis, N.H.
(603) 465-7227
Circle 268

Encoder feedback-enabled actuators

Size 11 hybrid linear actuators feature encoder feedback with two channel quadrature TTL squarewave outputs.

Features & benefits

  • Encoder resolutions from 200 to 1,024 cycles/rev or 800 to 4,096 pulses/rev

  • Actuator resolution ranges from 0.000125 to 0.002 in./step; delivers thrust to 25 lb

  • Internal monolithic electronic module converts real-time position, speed, and direction into TTL compatible outputs

  • LED light and monolithic photodetector array with signal shaping electronics produces bounceless TTL outputs

Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc.
Waterbury, Conn.
(203) 756-7441
Circle 269

High-speed actuators

TY series linear actuators are integrated with SHS LM guides and QZ lubricators for long-term and maintenance-free operation.

Features & benefits

  • Reach speeds to 5 m/sec and accelerations to 5 g

  • Planetary gearbox ratios of 3:1, 5:1 and 9:1

  • Utility hardware allows easy construction of multi-axis systems and configuration of drive input shafts

THK America Inc.
Schaumburg, Ill.
(847) 310-1111
Circle 270

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