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June 1, 2010
Arizona angst Isn't it interesting that the nation as a whole thinks Arizona is a bad place because we want to enforce federal laws regarding illegal

Arizona angst

Isn't it interesting that the nation as a whole thinks Arizona is a bad place because we want to enforce federal laws regarding illegal immigration? If the Feds had enforced these rules, Arizona would not have to take action, such as our new law recently amended to prevent “profiling.” Arizona is broke and we need help to reduce the cost incurred daily by “undocumented” (politically correct word for criminals) people and drug dealers who cross into Arizona by the hundreds each day. We also need the so-called Border Patrol to patrol the border rather than set up camp in air-conditioned buildings 60 miles away. Perhaps then our ranchers wouldn't get killed by criminals importing drugs through their property.

By the way, lets keep this fair. I can't work as an engineer or anything else in Mexico without the proper papers, which are almost impossible to get. What gives these folks the free pass to flout our laws by crossing into our country illegally and then crying “profiling” or other such nonsense when a police officer asks for identification? I must have ID on me at all times when I travel and that is exactly what any legal resident is required to do here in the U.S. This outcry against Arizona is getting ridiculous.
Tucson, Ariz.

Cost trumps safety in mining

The issue with using robots in mining operations is not one of safety, but of cost. Robots are expensive. The problems in the recent mine disaster could have and should have been fixed regarding methane and coal dust buildup. This particular mine paid more than $400,000 in fines last year alone, and the company doesn't seem to mind risking lives. Unfortunately, people are expendable, and what they produce is sold by the ton. Calculate 25 lives amortized over more than 20 years since the last big accident. Owners and operators don't go underground and insurance companies pay the families. Local people apply for the replacement jobs due to a lack of high-paying jobs in the region.
Clifton Odom
San Diego, Calif.

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