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Product Spotlight: Gears & Gearing

April 1, 2008
Helical gearboxes series of helical right angle gearboxes and gearmotors features a compact size, high efficiency, low noise, and symmetrical shape. Features

Helical gearboxes

“A” series of helical right angle gearboxes and gearmotors features a compact size, high efficiency, low noise, and symmetrical shape.

Features & benefits

  • Three new sizes and additional ratios cover torque range from 850 to 123,000 lb-in.

  • Mechanical rating at 1,750 rpm: ¼-200 hp

  • Gear ratios of 5:1 to 1,715:1

  • Spiral bevel or hypoid on LSS for quiet operation

Bonfiglioli USA
(859) 334-3333
www.bonfiglioliusa.comCircle 155

Planetary reducer

Dodge MagnaGear XTR planetary reducer offers maximum reliability and performance in high torque applications.

Features & benefits

  • Parallel shaft or right angle configurations; torque capacities to 920,000 lb-in.

  • Modular design allows multiple mounting configurations and can be used with a variety of soft start mechanisms

  • Gearing is carburized, hardened, and precision ground

  • Tandem HBNR lip seals are standard for extra protection

  • Accessories include internal lift-off style backstops, cooling systems, rigid couplings, torque arms, swing base mounts, tunnel housings, and baseplates

Baldor Electric Co.
(864) 281-2437
www.baldor.comCircle 156

Bevel gear drives

Modular-design, wide-wheel TDB254WR bevel gear drives bring greater stability, efficiency, and design flexibility in a compact footprint to traction drives for pallet, reach, narrow aisle and stand-up trucks, AGVs, sweepers, and scrubbers.

Features & benefits

  • Gearing allows tight swing radius — just 7 in. — for wide wheel (up to 5-in. tread) capability with zero-offset drive

  • Gear ratios from 14:1 to 39:1 for optimal speed ranges and motor efficiencies for each vehicle type

  • Ac induction motors up to 5.2 hp for battery voltages of 24, 36, 48, 72, and 80 V

  • 10-in. diameter wheel standard; 12-in. optional

  • Three steering choices available — direct drive tiller, assisted (chain and sprocket), or fully integrated by-wire steering

ABM Drives Inc.
(513) 576-1300
www.abm-drives.comCircle 157

Worm gear speed reducer

Stainless-steel 700 series worm gear speed reducer provides maximum corrosion resistance in caustic washdown environments in the food and beverage industries.

Features & benefits

  • Rounded housing, plastic hardware covers, and two-piece mounting base prevent particle accumulation or fluid pooling on or under the unit

  • Two-piece mounting base has the same footprint of the standard 700 series for easy replacement

  • Large internal oil reservoir is filled with H1 food-grade lubricant and sealed for life, providing a range of operating temperatures and extended wear life

Boston Gear, an Altra Industrial Motion Co.
(888) 999-9860
www.bostongear.comCircle 158

In-line reducer

Cyclo in-line reducer is designed for the food industry and high-pressure washdown applications.

Features & benefits

  • Enhanced C-face quill design

  • FKM antimicrobial, multi-lipped, rotary output seal acts as flinger to expel contaminants

  • Corrosion-resistant, stainless output shaft and hardware

  • Synthetic NSF H-1, food-grade lubricant

  • Severe-duty, food-grade paint is an FDA approved, siloxane epoxy coating

Sumitomo Drive Technologies
(757) 485-3355
www.smcyclo.comCircle 159

Helical gears

Belt-driven, SMXtra helical gear unit is shaft-mounted and secured with a torque arm rather than a base-mounted unit to allow trouble-free interchangeability with other, less available ranges.

Features & benefits

  • 12 sizes in parallel bore

  • Complete range of bushes in 5-mm increments from 20 to 190 mm

  • Taper lock secure-and-release system can be fitted on either side of the unit, for easy fitting and removing.

Renold Gears
(800) 251-9012
www.renold.comCircle 160

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