April 1, 2007
Hybrid stepping motor NEMA size 11 stepper motor produces high torque in a small, RoHS-compliant package. Features & benefits 1.8 (200 steps/rev) bipolar

Hybrid stepping motor

NEMA size 11 stepper motor produces high torque in a small, RoHS-compliant package.

Features & benefits

  • 1.8° (200 steps/rev) bipolar and unipolar designs measure 28 mm2 × 32 mm long

  • Delivers accurate open loop control

  • Stack lengths of 32, 45, and 51 mm; maximum holding torques from 42 to 117 mN-m

  • Precision-honed stators and ground rotors form tight air gap

  • 4 or 6 leads; single or double-ended shafts

Nippon Pulse America Inc.
Radford, Va.
(540) 633-1677
Circle 155

Pneumatic swing clamp

Swing clamp's arm rotates 90° clockwise or counterclockwise as it extends up and away from the work piece, providing clearance and access for loading and unloading.

Features & benefits

  • 8 bore sizes from 12 to 63 mm; strokes from 10 to 50 mm

  • Extruded aluminum bodies with 8 linear keyhole slots for external mounting or round profile sensors

  • Adjusting clamp bolt and four wrench flats on piston rod for easy clamp arm positioning

  • Ports can be NPT or BSP taper; counter-bored thru holes enable rigid mounting

  • Double acting operation, standard magnetic piston, and optional magnetic sensors enable positive cycles and work piece detection

Fabco-Air Inc.
Gainesville, Fla.
(352) 373-3578
Circle 156

Hand controls

TCH series electronic, industrial hand controls can be easily integrated into vehicle design.

Features & benefits

  • Non-contact sensor design
  • Control electric vehicles and electro-hydraulic systems
  • Replace conventional contact potentiometer hand controllers

Tuthill Controls Group
New Haven, Ind.
(260) 749-5105
Circle 157

Motion controllers

SpiiPlus SA multi-axis, standalone motion controllers provide users with the power of PC-based control by using distributed multi-processor architecture running an on-board RTOS.

Features & benefits

  • Fixed 20 kHz servo update for every axis and deterministic control

  • Standard Ethernet and serial communications

  • Hardware position compare and capture; software development tools include Motion Simulator and FRF analyzer

  • Options include SIN-COS interpolator and input shaping

ACS Motion Control
Plymouth, Minn.
(800) 545-2980
Circle 158

Disconnect switches

Ferraz Shawmut's Sirco and Fuserbloc 600 Vac/250 Vdc fusible and non-fusible switches feature make-and-break power circuits under load and are UL, CSA, CE, and IEC-rated.

Features & benefits

  • Sirco available in 30 to 800 A ratings; those to 400 A come with visible blade contacts

  • Fuserbloc break up to 200 A and use double break contacts per pole, isolating fuse while switch is off

  • Available handles meet OSHA padlocking needs, NEMA configurations, defeater options, and NFPA 79

  • Work independently of speed and force of operator

  • Switches to 400 A use silver-tipped contact technology for high load breaks and long life; switches more than 400 A use self-cleaning technology for high short-circuit resistance

Cumming, Ga.
(800) 633-0405
Circle 159

All-in-one control

SilverPak 23CE features an integrated NEMA 23 high torque step motor, microstepping driver, intelligent controller, and optical encoder all in one compact unit.

Features & benefits

  • 3.41, 3.85, and 4.78 in. body lengths; up to 294 oz-in. holding torque

  • 3 A peak output current; operates from 12 to 40 Vdc; speeds to 16.7 MHz

  • Standalone operation; fully programmable ramps and speeds; software selectable hold and move currents; up to 256x microstepping resolution settings; and four user configurable digital I/Os

  • Intuitive commands can be preset to execute upon power up via Windows HyperTerminal, LabView, and Visual Basic

Lin Engineering
Santa Clara, Calif.
(408) 919-0200
Circle 160

Guide rollers, cam followers

Power-Core miniature guide rollers and cam followers feature miniature ball bearings and self-lubricating, thermally installed precision machined plastic tires.

Features & benefits

  • O.D. as small as ½ in.

  • Handle shock and impact loading; resilient to flat development; run with low rolling resistance without lubrication

  • Eliminate rail wear and reduce metal-on-metal noise by up to 10 dB

  • Tire material does not wear steel or aluminum rails; does not generate metal particulates

Intech Corp.
Closter, N.J.
(201) 767-7797
Circle 161

Linear bearings

X-Rail stainless-steel linear bearings are C-shaped to keep contaminants out.

Features & benefits

  • Sizes from 20 to 45 mm
  • Load capacities to 400 lb
  • Food-grade lubrication allows long life in washdown environments

Rollon Corp.
Sparta, N.J.
(877) 976-5566
Circle 162

Dual readhead encoders

DSi rotary encoders combine two error-correcting Signum SR readheads on an RESM ring and provide a customer-selectable propoZ reference (index) position that is unaffected by bearing wander or power cycling.

Features & benefits

  • Capable of installed accuracy of better than ± 1 arc/sec

  • Readheads located in 180° position; eliminate odd error harmonics, including eccentricity

  • Taper-locked to rotor shaft to eliminate coupling losses, oscillation, shaft torsion, and hysteresis errors

  • Operating speeds to 4,500 rpm; temperatures to 85° C

Renishaw Inc.
Hoffman Estates, Ill.
(847) 286-9953
Circle 163

Motor testing equipment

Micro Dyne system tests micro, low-torque motors resolving from 0.0004 nN-m on a 2 mN-m scale.

Features & benefits

  • Maximum kinetic power rating of 4 W; maximum speed rating of 100,000 rpm

  • Hysteresis dynamometer and motor fixture (for motors from 5 to 30 mm)

  • Electronics unit has all-in-one dynamometer controller, wattmeter, power relay, and USB interface

  • M-Test 5.0 motor testing software, calibration software, connection cables, and calibration weights

Magtrol Inc.
Buffalo, N.Y.
(716) 668-5555
Circle 164

Curved motion bearing

RVF Gonio curved slide way is a low-friction, non-recirculating curved motion bearing with precision cross rollers for minute curved motion.

Features & benefits

  • Hardened and ground raceways

  • Caged rollers provide stable movement, accept high loads, and install easily into workstations

  • Low frictional resistance and noise

  • Rotation range of ±5° to ±10°; 2 and 3-mm roller diameter

NB Corp. of America
Wood Dale, Ill.
(800) 521-2045
Circle 165

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