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Jan. 1, 2008
Motor-mount encoders HSD35 and HS35 hollow shaft encoders reduce large motor downtime by a shaft seal, unbreakable code disc, and optional redundant outputs

Motor-mount encoders

HSD35 and HS35 hollow shaft encoders reduce large motor downtime by a shaft seal, unbreakable code disc, and optional redundant outputs and use optical technology combined with field serviceable connectors.

Features & benefits

  • Mounting options include stamped metal or swivel ball tethers for TEFC or C-face mounting

  • Replace obsolete NorthStar MagCoder; incorporate field-serviceable EPIC connector requiring no tools or soldering irons for connection

  • Shaft seals resist penetration from water and abrasive particulate matter

  • Highly-engineered, plastic, unbreakable disc provides smooth speed control at lower motor speeds

  • Optional dual outputs enable both drive and secondary equipment to operate off the same encoder

(800) 873-8731
Circle 155

Motion control software

Steeplechase VLC software offers seamless integration of the SynqNet motion network when used with the RapidCode VLC driver.

Features & benefits

  • Controls up to 256 axes of motion from one runtime program

  • Single, ease-of-use programming environment for real-time motion control simplifies development and eliminates need to purchase, learn, and maintain multiple programming packages

  • Integrated PC-based networked control eliminates analog wiring and intricate handshaking between PCs, standalone controller, and motor amplifiers

  • RapidCode VLC driver provides common set of motion commands, such as jogging, point-to-point positioning, position tracking, contouring, linear and circular interpolation, and electronic gearing

Phoenix Contact
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Cam followers

Lubricant-free composite I-CAM cam followers replace metal cam followers to eliminate metal-to-metal contact — a major cause of damage and failure in steel and aluminum rails.

Features & benefits

  • High-load, precision-machined composite tires are installed onto ball bearings via thermal technology process

  • Self-lubricating, maintenance-free tire composite material carries high static and dynamic loads

  • Provide low rolling resistance and high linear speeds

  • Reduce noise by more than 10 dB; absorb shock and vibrations

Intech Corp.
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Circle 157

Offline servodrives

XENUS R10 servodrives feature extended temperature, humidity, vibration, and shock ranges for military COTS requirements, including Mil Standard 810.

Features & benefits

  • Hardened drives operate in standalone and networked operating modes, including indexing, point-to-point, PVT, PT, position, velocity, and torque control, as well as electronic camming and gearing

  • Compatible with CANopen, RS422, and RS 485; operate on single phase or three-phase 85 to 264 V supplies, and deliver up to 3 kW drive power

  • Ripple frequency of 28 kHz, current loop bandwidth of 2.5 kHz, and 15 kHz current loop update rate (67 µs) and 3 kHz (333 µs) position and velocity loop update rate

  • Protected against over-current, over-temperature, and incorrect operating voltages

Copley Controls Corp.
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Circle 158

Quick disassembly U-joints

TakeApart U-joint couplings with quick-change feature suit applications that run more or less constantly and for which uptime is critical, providing an easy way to disassemble and reassemble the joint, either prior to installing it or after it has been run.

Features & benefits

  • Single lock ring acts like a safety wire, holding pins, block, and hubs together

  • Releasing the spring allows users to replace components in less than two minutes — without the need for special tools

  • OD sizes from 78 to 4 in., with torques from 1,800 to 131,000 lb-in.

  • Handle shaft misalignment to 35°

  • Available in alloy steel, stainless, and naval brass

Curtis Universal
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Circle 159

Integrated speed control

MDrive34Plus2 speed control delivers integrated velocity control by combining motor, driver, and encoder, and a programmable, digital oscillator for accurate speed control.

Motion control processor

Magellan motion control chip provides all-motor flexibility and directly supports multiple motor types in single and multiple axis applications.

Features & benefits

  • 1, 2, 3, and 4-axis versions

  • Supports dc servo, brushless dc, microstepping, and pulse and direction motors

  • Parallel IO, CANBus, serial point-to-point, and serial multi-drop host communications

  • Allows for S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring, and electronic gearing profiles and velocity and position acceleration changes on-the-fly

  • 6-step (hall based) and sinusoidal commutation for brushless motors

  • High speed (up to 5 M-pulses/sec) pulse and direction output

Performance Motion Devices Inc.
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Circle 160

Features & benefits

  • Uses NEMA size 34 high-torque brushless 1.8° motor; NEMA size 17 and 23 motors available

  • Two configurable speed control inputs may be preset and digitally selected; output frequency to 5 MHz; and three adjustable modes of operation — voltage, current, and PWM

  • Step and direction output signals may be used to control a second axis that follows the speed of the first

  • Accepts input voltage from 12 to 75 Vdc

  • Oversized input capacitors are used to minimize power line surges, reducing problems that can occur with long runs and multiple drive systems

Intelligent Motion Systems Inc.
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