May 1, 2012
LIVE CHAT ABOUT MOTION COMPONENTS Have questions that can't be answered by a simple email? Now bimba.com offers Live Chat. Engineers can interact directly


Have questions that can't be answered by a simple email? Now bimba.com offers Live Chat. Engineers can interact directly with Bimba Mfg. representatives in real-time, for faster, more personal support. Visitors initiate a chat session by simply clicking the green Live Help button that appears on the far left of each webpage. A trained professional will respond instantly during normal business hours, answering questions ranging from technical support queries to ordering issues.

Other tools include increased CAD-drawing functionality, order tracking, and easy product customization.


For increased ease of accessing tools via smartphones, Smalley Steel Ring Co. has a new mobile web site at smalley.com/mobile. By using the Quick Search function, one can view and select parts based on type and diameter, and then further research the part by viewing product specifications. Once a part is chosen, free samples or a quote can be requested with just one more step.

The mobile site is designed for design engineers on the factory floor engaged in the production process. Without even leaving the premises, the engineer can research the part required for a given design challenge. Literature can also be requested by clicking the Get Catalog link on each page of the mobile site.


QC Industries offers a new online tool at qcconfig.com for quoting and configuring low-profile conveyors — allowing customers to construct complete conveyor systems through an easy-to-use online interface. Engineers can customize conveyor details including width, length, and motor sizing with the help of an intelligent assistant. Selections are guided by answering a series of questions to determine the right conveyor for the application at hand.


Cobham Technical Services has launched a new website at motor-design-software.com to help engineers leverage finite element analysis (FEA) software for motor design-cycle efficiency and design optimization. Users can investigate the creation of design models, analysis of simulation results, and explore automated design approaches for different design types. Selecting a specific motor form or related electromagnetic topic, such as magnetic gearing and linear motion, leads to more detailed information.

A range of interesting research materials, including technical papers, is available to users who create an account. Users may also register for a webinar on rotating machine design.


Need to calculate torque, inertia, speed, acceleration torque, or stopping accuracy? Oriental Motor offers online forms to make sizing a motor for a given application faster and easier. These new forms calculate the necessary torque, speed, stopping accuracy, and system inertia, which is also important to consider when selecting the right motor for an application.

The website — at www.orientalmotor.com/support/motor-sizing.html — is particularly handy for predefined applications, though it requires registration.

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