Spotlight: Linear Motors

Feb. 1, 2007
When designing for linear motion applications, it's often better to choose a linear motor over a rotary servomotor and rotary-to-linear conversion components.

When designing for linear motion applications, it's often better to choose a linear motor over a rotary servomotor and rotary-to-linear conversion components. Why? Rotary-to-linear mechanisms tend to add inertia, friction, compliance, and backlash to desired motion. Linear motors eliminate these concerns.

Low-profile linear motors

BLMFS5 series flat linear motors produce more force per coil length than traditional designs thanks to a laminated iron core and a moving forcer-coil assembly with built-in Hall-effect devices and thermal sensors.

Features & benefits

  • Continuous force to 377 N; peak force to 1,500 N

  • Unlimited travel length by stacking magnet tracks

  • High-energy, rare-earth magnets for high acceleration

Aerotech Inc.
Pittsburgh, Pa.
(412) 963-7470
Circle 151

Hybrid core linear motors

HyCore motors achieve closed-loop brushless linear servomotor performance with open-loop stepper technology.

Features & benefits

  • Continuous force to 465 N; peak force to 800 N

  • Zero backlash; high efficiency; unlimited travel; fast velocities; high accelerations

  • No magnets on stationary platen; easily cut to desired length; does not attract metal particles

  • Designed to replace ballscrew and belt/pulley actuators in many applications

Baldor Electric Co.
Fort Smith, Ark.
(479) 646-4711
Circle 152

Synchronous linear motors

IndraDyn L linear motors offer high continuous and maximum force simultaneously in a compact design with low force ripple.

Features & benefits

  • Modular system with various motor sizes and lengths

  • Optional thermal encapsulation

  • Wear-free motor technology; standard electrical connection

Bosch Rexroth Corp.
Lehigh Valley, Pa.
(610) 694-8298
www.boschrexroth-us.comCircle 153

Iron-core linear motors

LMP heavy-duty linear motors are available in nine coil sizes, designed for high-throughput, high-force applications.

Features & benefits

  • Anti-cogging design; open-slot construction

  • Peak force from 5,600 to 27,000 N

  • Optional stainless steel magnetic way cover kit protects against contamination

  • Compatible with 3-phase digital brushless motor controllers

Etel Inc.
Schaumburg, Ill.
(847) 519-3380
www.etelusa.comCircle 154

Ironless linear motors

LZ Series ironless linear servomotors provide high force densities, allowing smaller motors to move loads.

Features & benefits

  • Zero cogging design results in smooth motion

  • Many coil and magnet options help minimize space requirements

  • Peak forces from 350 to 4,300 N; continuous forces from 70 to 900 N

Unlimited travel capabilities allow high speed over long distances

Rockwell Automation
Shirley, N.Y.
(631) 344-6600
www.rockwellautomation.comCircle 155

Linear-type stepper motors

Captive Linearstep series motors offer a RoHS compliant design with one-piece captive shaft and guideless movement in a small package.

Features & benefits

  • Anti-rotation cap allows shaft to actuate without external guide

  • 30-mm stroke; custom lengths available

  • Travel resolutions from 0.010 to 0.05 mm per step; up to 5 kg force

  • Ball bearing shaft supports; welded motor case

Nippon Pulse America Inc.
Radford, Va.
(540) 633-1677
www.nipponpulse.comCircle 156

Brushless linear motors

Linear Sigma series includes coreless balanced motors and two types of iron-core motors.

Features & benefits

  • Linear thrusts from 140 to 6,000 N

  • Use with Sigma II digital servo amplifiers for plug-and-play linear motion

  • Servo amplifiers use intelligent serial encoder feedback to automatically recognize motor type

Yaskawa Electric America Inc.
Waukegan, Ill.
Circle 157

Anti-cogging linear motors

Ripped series iron-core motors use anti-cog technology to reduce cogging without sacrificing efficiency.

Features & benefits

  • Design eliminates ripple caused by internal lamination teeth and reduces ripple from lamination edges

  • Three motor series offered with different coil lengths

  • Peak force to 9,342 N; continuous force to 2,348 N

Parker Hannifin Corp. Electromechanical Automation Div.
Rohnert Park, Calif.
(800) 358-9070
www.parkermotion.comCircle 158

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