Design by Objective: Smart designs for speedy applications

Feb. 1, 2009
High throughput is the name of the game in today's fast paced, high-speed automation environment. When your project calls for components that can handle

High throughput is the name of the game in today's fast paced, high-speed automation environment. When your project calls for components that can handle the heat of high acceleration/deceleration demands, consider these tips and tools.

Electric actuator built for speed

The electric actuator EGC is designed for both high dynamic speeds and high rigidity. This modular actuator can be used as an individual component adapted to third-party motors, or may be supplied as part of a complete system. The EGC is available as a toothed belt or ballscrew actuator with different screw pitches available; sizes 70, 80, 120, and 185 are offered in both versions, with size 50 also offered for the toothed belt style. The actuator is designed for high speeds and feed forces, high loads and torques, and maximum rigidity.
Festo Corp.
(800) 99-FESTO

Optical encoder combines speed, accuracy

The TONiC super-compact optical encoder delivers exceptional signal purity and stability in a small package that is quick and easy to set up. Advanced optical design and electronics are combined in a compact readhead (35 × 13.5 × 10 mm) for design flexibility, even on micro-manufacturing systems for semiconductor, lab, and medical fields. TONiC comes in both linear and rotary versions. Supporting applications from standard motion control to ultra-high precision stages, the encoder offers speeds to 10 m/sec, fine resolution to 5 nm, and handles operating temperatures to 70° C.
Renishaw Inc.
(847) 286-9953

Motion controller offers accel/decel ramps

The VMC-3000 series single-axis motion controller is now available for the LA series of linear servo amplifiers. The controller is a DSP-based plug-in card that can be configured in a variety of modes including position, torque, and a high precision, frequency-locked velocity mode for systems requiring ultra-low jitter performance. A built-in operating system allows users to program motion parameters over a high-speed serial interface. Acceleration and deceleration ramps are built into the software and include both linear and S-curve profiles. Using stored position or velocity profiles, speeds up to 30,000 rpm can be achieved with the proper motor/amplifier combination.
Varedan Technologies
(860) 295-0048

Belt-driven actuator delivers high velocity

The MXB-U linear actuator features an unguided carriage system capable of velocities up to 200 in./sec and accelerations up to 1,200 in./sec2. The actuator is suitable for applications that require high linear velocities and accelerations, long stroke lengths, and high duty cycles. The MXB-U features a polyurethane high-torque drive tooth profile drive belt with steel tensile members to resist stretching. Actuators are available in six models ranging from 16 to 63 mm; stroke lengths are configurable in any increments up to 200 in., depending on body size.
Tolomatic Inc.
(800) 328-2174

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