The World's Smartest Design Engineer

March 1, 2010
Do you have any idea who the world's smartest design engineer could be? Perhaps it is you. Recently, we at Penton Media's Design Engineering group devised

Do you have any idea who the world's smartest design engineer could be? Perhaps it is you.

Recently, we at Penton Media's Design Engineering group devised a competition to determine who just might be that person, and now, we hereby invite you to participate. Starting on March 1, the 10-month online game — comprised of thousands of fast-paced, illustrated questions — will go live and continue until December 31 to determine the World's Smartest Design Engineer.

This competition promises to be an exciting experience for you. What's more, participation is absolutely free: Just go to the game website announced in all Penton Design group websites and publications, including Motion System Design, register for the World's Smartest Design Engineer contest, and start answering the questions. Note that you'll encounter questions in eight categories: All Things Energy, Electrical/Electronic, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Motion Control, CAM/Manufacturing & Assembly, Computer Aided Design & Analysis, Mechanical Engineering, and Editor's Grab Bag. The categories are formulated for program learning, to refresh or establish your understanding on one level before advancing to more difficult material. As you're a reader of Motion System Design, we believe that you'll have a distinct advantage in the areas of motion control and mechanical engineering.

How is the game scored? Each category will require passing five levels for completion. The game awards points for correct answers in each of the categories, all of which must be completed to win; correct answers and speed of response both accrue points. Meanwhile, an ongoing posted scoreboard will be published online and in our magazines. Each month, the participant with the highest number of total points in the last month will be announced. These winners will be awarded prizes such as Kindles, iPhones, and gift cards. The grand-prize winner — the person who accrues the most total points for all of 2010 — will be awarded a grand prize of at least $5,000 and maybe more — and the right to be called the World's Smartest Design Engineer.

Spread the fun: Invite your friends and colleagues to play, enter the competition, and compete. Even if you are not crowned the World's Smartest Design Engineer, you will enjoy yourself, and learn just how much you know and how much you may need to study.

On a related note, we invite you to brush up on your engineering fundamentals at,, and the websites of our sister publications, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Energy Efficiency & Technology, and Medical Design. Official competition announcements and messages from contest host, Machine Design Editor Lee Teschler, will also be posted — so we invite you to visit these sites to get more information, and get in the game early.

Good luck and may the smartest design engineer win.

About the Author

Elisabeth Eitel

Elisabeth Eitel was a Senior Editor at Machine Design magazine until 2014. She has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Fenn College at Cleveland State University.

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