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Hot n humid

June 1, 2008
Equipment is often faced with extreme application environments that serve up soaring temperatures, soggy air, and searing radiation. Like people, machines

Equipment is often faced with extreme application environments that serve up soaring temperatures, soggy air, and searing radiation. Like people, machines often need protection to function properly. Featured here are tools and tactics designed to take the heat.

Anti-seize compound handles high temps

Thred Gard helps protect metal against seizing, galling, rust, and corrosion. The non-drip, non-hardening formula is suitable for use on nuts, bolts, bushings, sleeves, couplings, and other interlocking components. It speeds assembly and disassembly, helping technicians reduce maintenance-related downtime. Three compounds suit various temperatures: A general-purpose formula handles temperatures up to 1,000° F; a copper-based formula is suitable to 1,800° F; and a nickel-based formula withstands up to 2,600° F.
Federal Process Corp.
Gasoila Chemicals Div.
(800) 846-7325

Chrome plating battles extreme temperatures

A new low-temperature, black chrome plating is now available on a variety of linear motion components, including shafts, bushings, and guides, as well as on ballscrews and other parts. Through electroplating, an alloyed surface is formed to create an anti-corrosion coating (black film) on the component. The compound is chemically deposited on the product to prevent cracking or peeling, even during extreme temperatures and repeated flexing. The black chrome plating is also suitable for use in optical applications where low light reflection is required.
Misumi USA Inc.
(800) 681-7475

Control system eases food processing

Movifit Field Integrated Technology, a decentralized control system designed for food and beverage processing, is available in both hygienic IP69K-rated and standard IP65 construction. Preconfigured routines for conveyor applications provide ready-to-use functions that simplify programming. Protected by a special surface coating that repels liquids, the self-draining housing is unaffected by cleaning agents. A dual-chamber design houses electronics and communications in one chamber, and connection and mounting technology in the other. An inner seal protects power electronics against humidity.
(864) 439-8792

Absolute encoder stands up to harsh settings

The compact Acuro XR absolute encoder (installed height just 32 mm) incorporates three design features that make it suitable for harsh environments. Magnetic technology is used rather than optical, oversized bearings handle high axial and radial shaft loads, and tight sealing around the shaft and housing resist liquid ingress. Using a magnetic field instead of light to generate the electronic signal increases the encoder's resistance to shock, vibration, and moisture. Special labyrinth seals around the shaft meet IP69K ratings. In addition to being submersible, the encoder's protection rating means it's compatible for use in hygienic food and beverage processing.
Dynapar Corp.
(800) 873-8731

Perforated belt moves moisture out

The 2200 Series conveyor, for light to medium-duty applications, now comes with a perforated bedplate option to better suit cooling and draining applications. Holes allow air to flow through the conveyor's frame and bedplate, cooling passing product. For applications that require liquid to be sprayed on passing items, or for items that are damp from a previous process, the holes allow moisture to properly drip through the plastic belt and bedplate without collecting inside the frame. The perforated bedplate option is available on 2200 Series conveyors with a width of at least 12 in.
Dorner Manufacturing
(800) 397-8664

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