May 1, 2006
Hollow shaft encoder HS35 hollow shaft encoder offers high resolution through robust electronics that multiply internal signals without degrading accuracy.

Hollow shaft encoder

HS35 hollow shaft encoder offers high resolution through robust electronics that multiply internal signals without degrading accuracy.

Features & benefits

  • Interpolative multiples of 2× to 16× provide up to 80,000 cycles/turn

  • Maximum resolution of 320,000 counts

  • Accommodates shaft bores to 1 in. diameter; installed length of 2 in.

  • Cast metal housing and dual preloaded bearings

  • Rotating shaft seals, sealed connector for NEMA 4, 13, and IP65 ratings

BEI Technologies Inc., Industrial Encoder Div.
Goleta, Calif.
(800) 350-2727
Circle 153

Cleanroom conveyors

Quickdraw conveyor system offers a low-profile rail for greater flexibility in a 50% smaller footprint.

Features & benefits

  • Sealed ball bearings eliminate service or belt replacements

  • 2⅞ in. high; 1½ in. wider than transport tray

  • Allows for variable speed, bi-directional transport, changeable layouts, and precision stopping for tight tolerance

  • Self-contained with plug-and-go operation eliminates PLC

  • Built-in sensor, logic, and motor controls provide convenient access

MagStar Technologies
Hopkins, Minn.
(952) 935-6921
Circle 154

Precision-honed couplings

Precision honed rigid couplings allow strict shaft-alignment control when both straight bores must be collinear.

Features & benefits

  • One or two-piece styles in aluminum, black oxide carbon steel, and stainless steel

  • Bore sizes from ⅛ to 2 in. and 3 to 50 mm

  • Available with or without keyways; do not mar shaft

Ruland Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Marlborough, Mass.
(508) 485-1000
Circle 155

Digital signal controllers

Both the F2809 and F2802 flash-based and C2801 and C2802 custom ROM-based 32-bit controllers feature 150-psec resolution.

Features & benefits

  • Mixed 16/32-bit instruction set improves code density

  • PWM output provides 16 bits of accuracy at 100 kHz and 12 bits at 1.5 MHz, eliminating limit-cycle issues

  • On-chip a/d converter, quadrature encoder input, and timer captures

  • Interface with CAN, I2C, UART, and SPI ports

  • Available in 100-pin LQFP and 100-ball BGA packaging styles

Texas Instruments Inc.
Dallas, Tex.
(800) 336-5236
Circle 156

Timing belts

Arc-Power 15 polyurethane timing belts and pulleys outperform conventional timing belts due to their arc-shaped design.

Features & benefits

  • Continuous tooth engagement reduces vibration and noise

  • Open-ended, welded, or endless (homogenous no-splice) designs with steel or stainless-steel tensions

  • 30% steel content and 5-mm tooth width give stiffness, accuracy, and increased tooth shear and tensile strength

  • BATK 15 and BAT 15 (with or without tracking guide) available

Brecoflex Co. LLC
Eatontown, N.J.
(888) 463-1400
Circle 157

High-voltage indexers

MS Series of high-precision programmable indexers feature internal power supply.

Features & benefits

  • Run on 380 to 480-Vac three-phase without an auxiliary transformer

  • Wire directly to plant power, eliminating time and expense to reduce voltage

  • 200 to 240-Vac, single and three-phase versions available

  • Diameters from 1 ft to greater than 8 ft

Centricity Corp.
Girard, Ohio
(330) 545-5624
Circle 158

Ethernet/IP interface

Motion Coordinator Ethernet/IP interface connects any servo or stepper controller handling 1 to 24 axes to a master PLC.

Features & benefits

  • Plugs into MC206X, MC224, and Euro205X controllers

  • Programming lets master PLC interrogate or set controller parameter, variable value, or start and stop motion

  • Runs alongside standard TCP/IP

  • EDS file in PLC identifies controller as slave I/O device

Trio Motion Technology
Pittsburgh, Pa.
(412) 968-9744
Circle 159

Brushless servomotors

MDM-5000 high energy brushless servomotors provide high-torque density in a customizable platform.

Features & benefits

  • Three sizes — 60, 85, 110 mm

  • 0.5 to 14.1 Nm continuous stall torque

  • Speeds of 6,000 to 8,000 rpm

  • Suits most amplifiers and controllers; offers multiple voltage capabilities

  • NEMA, IEC mounting; custom mechanical interfaces

Torque Systems, Div. of Cleveland Motion Controls Inc.
Billerica, Mass.
(978) 667-5100
Circle 160

Plug-and-play cable assemblies

Off-the-shelf cable assemblies integrate with motors, drives, DeviceNet, Ethernet, and ControlNet applications.

Features & benefits

  • Molded, pre-assembled cable connectors for motors and drives feature environmental seals and integral strain relief

  • Pre-tested DeviceNet continuous-flex cables connect PLCs to computers and sensors or actuators to high-level devices

  • Flexing Ethernet assemblies and continuous-flex CAT5e cables combined with RJ45 or M12 circular connectors survive harsh environments

  • Static or continuous-flex coax cables and BNC connectors meet all ControlNet specs for 5 Mbit/sec operation

Lapp USA Inc.
Florham Park, N.J.
(888) 456-3539
Circle 162

Fixed-distance slot sensors

SLM series metal-slot sensors sense objects as small as 0.30 mm passing between its fixed distance, opposed-mode emitter and receiver.

Features & benefits

  • 10, 30, 50, 80, 120, and 220 mm slot widths

  • 500 µ sec response

  • 2 or 9 m attached cable, 4-pin Euro-style QD or 3-pin pico-style QD

Banner Engineering Corp.
Minneapolis, Minn.
(888) 373-6767
Circle 161

Electric linear actuator

DGEA cantilever electric linear actuator stabilizes the slide while the profile moves axially.

Features & benefits

  • Speeds to 3 m/sec; repeatability to ±0.05 mm; strokes to 1,000 mm

  • 18, 25, and 40-mm sizes

  • In-line coupling or integrated right-angle gearbox mounting

  • Reduces moving load, cycle times, energy consumption, and deflection

Festo Corp.
Hauppauge, N.Y.
(631) 404-3173
Circle 163

Motion analysis software

ML10 laser calibration system utilizes QuickView software to analyze linear or angular positioning accuracy, velocity, and acceleration in real-time.

Features & benefits

  • Measurements down to 1 nm or 0.01 arc/sec resolution

  • Simple graphic interface allows flexible, point-and-measure operation; eliminates predefined targets and sequences

  • Three data capture modes: free running, single-shot trigger, and multi-shot trigger data capture modes

  • Reads laser data at 5 Khz

  • Adjustable time-base (x-axis) from 10 msec to 20 sec and position axis from 100 nm to 5 m

Renishaw Inc.
Hoffman Estates, Ill.
(847) 286-9953
Circle 164

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