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Aug. 1, 2007
High-speed servo controller The DMC-400 Ethernet/RS232 full-featured controller family is the latest addition to the ultra high-speed Accelera controller

High-speed servo controller

The DMC-40×0 Ethernet/RS232 full-featured controller family is the latest addition to the ultra high-speed Accelera controller line. A 32-bit RISC-based microcomputer delivers higher speed and processing power than previous designs.

Features & benefits

  • Accepts encoder inputs at frequencies up to 22 MHz

  • Provides servo update rates as high as 32 kHz

  • Executes program instructions within 40 µsec

  • Available in up to eight-axis formats

Galil Motion Control Inc.
Rocklin, Calif.
(800) 377-6329
Circle 160

Belt drives

Poly Chain GT Carbon belt features carbon fiber tensile cord that provides high strength and length stability, while reducing stretch on drive systems used in high-torque applications.

Features & benefits

  • 8 and 14-mm pitch sizes

  • Flexible design allows use of backside idlers

  • More than 118,000 drive combinations to reduce PTD costs and improve production

  • Rated to 1,600 hp

Gates Corp.
(303) 744-1911
Circle 161

Direct-drive motors

ULT series direct-drive, frameless motors are now available in sizes down to 27-mm diameter with axial length as low as 8 mm and up to 20-mm through hole.

Features & benefits

  • Operate from traditional 3-phase trapezoidal or sinusoidal motor controllers from 12 to 320 Vdc

  • Achieve speeds to 10,000 rpm

  • Reduce system height

  • Hall devices and special cable/connector options available

Applimotion Inc.
(916) 652-3118
www.applimotion.comCircle 162

Motor control IC

MC731110 motor control IC is a single-axis, compact IC that provides advanced, fully digital velocity and torque control of brushless dc motors.

Features & benefits

  • 40 kHz PWM (pulse width modulation) waveform generation

  • Requires only MOSFET or IGBT trip half-bridge to create complete intelligent motor controller

  • Operates in either internal velocity profile mode, velocity mode with external command signal, or torque mode with external command signal

  • Can operate as stand-alone intelligent motion IC or via serial commands as programmable axis controller

Performance Motion Devices Inc.
(781) 674-9860
Circle 163

Tapered bearings

Blue Brute V-Lock product line has been expanded to a full line of tapered adapter and split-housed equivalent units in addition to straight bore size offerings.

Features & benefits

  • Fit 115/16 to 5 in. shaft sizes as well as metric ranges

  • Meet or exceed load ratings of other tapered adapter bearings

  • Maximize shaft holding power and minimize time needed for installation and removal

  • Machined feet ends for one-time shaft alignment on all pillow block styles

QM Bearings
(800) 661-5568
www.qmbearings.comCircle 164

Cable and hose carriers

Nylatrac automation line of cable and hose carriers is designed for high speeds and high accelerations, offering quiet and smooth operation, as well as quick installation.

Features & benefits

  • QT series quiet track carriers offer significant noise reduction over standard carriers

  • Bantrac single piece extruded carriers provide quiet, smooth, and inexpensive operation

  • Nylatube fully enclosed carriers and several drop-through options offer quick installation and easy removal of cables and hoses on KS and KL sizes

  • Line includes Gortrac modular guide troughs and all-round multi-axis carrier systems

A & A Mfg. Co. Inc., Gortrac Div.
(800) 298-2066
Circle 165

Digital servo drive

Model 940 PositionServo Drives are full-featured digital drives combined with simple, yet robust motion controllers for asynchronous control.

Features & benefits

  • Allows end users to continue operating asynchronous motors

  • BASIC-like programming language provides indexing and positioning capability, and can run in velocity or torque modes

  • Removable memory chip transfers servo control parameters and motion control programs from one drive to another

AC Technology Corp.
Uxbridge, Mass.
(800) 217-9100
Circle 166

Drivers, motion controllers

CANopen MDrivePlus products combine a microstepping driver and motion controller with NEMA 17, 23, and 34 high-torque brushless dc motors and NEMA 34 and 42 brushless ac motors.

Features & benefits

  • Deliver holding torques from 32 oz-in. for single stack size 17 to 2,294 oz-in. for double-stack size 42 ac

  • Offer advanced current flow through motor, dampening resonance over speed range, and reduced noise

  • Up to eight 5 to 24 V I/O lines and optional closed-loop available

  • Interface with either DB9 connector or 5-pin Euro circular industrial connector

Intelligent Motion Systems Inc.
(860) 295-6102
www.novantaims.comCircle 167

Double-rail linear system

Linear bearing shafting products have been adapted to a new ERL double-rail linear system that offers the flexibility of a complete linear bearing guide system of any length.

Features & benefits

  • Two precision hardened and ground shafts with 12-mm diameter and predrilled M5 threaded holes spaced 100-mm apart

  • Shafts are pulled together by support block to ensure they are parallel to less than or equal to 0.02 mm

  • Support blocks can be set at 100-mm increments depending on size of load

  • 10 m/sec maximum linear speed

  • Standard lengths of 400 to 3,000 mm

Tusk Direct Inc.
(800) 447-2042
Circle 168

Multi-axis robot cable

Olflex Robot F1 UL/CSA flexible cable provides high mechanical performance on multi-axis robots, welding robots, and manipulators.

Features & benefits

  • Connects rotating and tilting tables and applications requiring bending and torsion movements

  • Made of flexible bare copper conductors, polymer insulation, non-friction tape, and tinned copper braid shield

  • Polyurethane elastomer jacket resists oil, abrasion, and sparks

  • -40° to 80 °C temperature rating

Lapp USA
(800) 774-3539
www.lappusa.comCircle 169

Roller rings

Type RU roller ring uses small rollers to reduce differential slip and torque required when rotation is small.

Features & benefits

  • Offers 20 to 30% higher rigidity than other models

  • Installation is easy with mounting holes on inner and outer rings

  • Housings and presser flanges not required; few assembly parts needed

THK America Inc.
(800) 763-5459
Circle 170

Motion control card

PCI-8154 4-axis pulse train modularized motion control card for controlling steppers, servos, and linear motors allows movement through multiple axes with linear and circular interpolations using continuous contouring.

Features & benefits

  • High-frequency pulse rates of up to 6.55 MHz

  • • Hardware-controlled emergency stop terminates movement in case of system malfunction

  • Offers 13 homing modes; backlash compensation for improved movement accuracy

  • Performs simultaneous starting and stopping of multiple axes in a single card or multiple card configurations

  • Modular design supports extension boards that can be attached for distributed I/O control, high-speed triggering, and ECAM control

ADLINK Technology
(866) 423-5465
www.adlinktech.comCircle 171


CG variable speed, ac inverter-duty, and permanent magnet dc gearmotors deliver twice the torque of similar motor/gearhead combinations.

Features & benefits

  • Deliver up to 1,000 lb-in. of torque through 1-in. diameter driveshaft

  • Motor and gearhead are assembled as integral unit to eliminate possibility of leaks and misalignment

  • 3-stage, hardened gearing cluster is permanently lubricated with high-performance lubricant

  • Unvented gearhead can be mounted in any position using its extra-wide face-mounting flange

Bodine Electric Co.
(773) 478-3515
Circle 172

Linear actuators

Size 11 hybrid linear actuators are now available with an integrated connector, and come as a standalone component or with a harness assembly.

Features & benefits

  • Resolutions ranging from 0.000125 to 0.002 in./step and thrusts to 25 lb

  • RoHS compliant; positive latch ensures high connection integrity

  • Rated to 3 A; mating connector handles wire gauges from 22 to 28

Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc.
(800) 243-2715
Circle 173

High-torque step motors

SilverPak 23CE integrated NEMA 23 high torque step motors combine a microstepping driver, intelligent controller, and optical encoder in one compact unit.

Features & benefits

  • Three body lengths — 3.41, 3.85, and 4.78 in.

  • Up to 294 oz-in holding torque depending on motor stack size

  • Up to 3 A peak output current

  • Operates from 12 to 40 Vdc and reaches speeds of 16.7 MHz

  • Stand-alone operation with no connection to a PC; fully programmable ramps and speeds; software selectable hold and move currents; up to 256x microstepping resolution settings; and four user configurable digital I/Os

  • Optical encoder inside main unit reduces size

Lin Engineering
(408) 919-0200
Circle 174

Brushless dc motor

Smoovy series 0308…B brushless dc motor uses a skewed winding in combination with a rotor made of Neodymium rare-earth magnets to provide cog-free motion.

Features & benefits

  • Bearing system is composed of jewel bearings

  • 3-mm external motor diameter, 8-mm length, and 0.33-g weight

  • Achieves continuous output torque to 0.014 mNm at speeds to 15,000 rpm

  • Combines with gearbox and linear actuator for a complete miniature dc drive system

  • 3 V windings

MicroMo Electronics Inc.
(800) 807-9166
Circle 175

Rotary position sensor

RSC 2800 series of non-contacting rotary sensors allows measurement angle to be determined by detecting variation in the orientation of a magnetic field due to a magnet attached to the shaft.

Features & benefits

  • Custom circuitry performs field orientation detection and filtering while providing an analog output that is proportional to angular position

  • Independent linearity of less than ±0.5%; electrical measurement angle ranges from 30° to 360°

  • Lifespan of more than 50 million movements; repeatability of less than 0.03% of output signal range

  • Unaffected by static or dynamic shaft loads of up to 20 N in radial and axial directions

Novotechnik U.S. Inc.
(508) 485-2244
Circle 176

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