Design by objective: LIFETIME & RELIABILITY

Oct. 1, 2005
Servo welding actuator SW series servo welding actuators extend service life to more than 10 million cycles (roller screw models) and 5 million cycles

Servo welding actuator

SW series servo welding actuators extend service life to more than 10 million cycles (roller screw models) and 5 million cycles (ball screws).


  • 8-pole Nd-Fe-B hollow-core rotor with skewed stator laminations offers low cogging torque
  • Force repeatability of ±3% over millions of weld cycles, with field results of ±1.5% independent of position
  • Weld force to 2,500 lb and peak force of 4,400 lb
  • 6 in. stroke

Hamel, Minn.
(800) 328-2174
www.tolomatic.comCircle 178

Shock absorbers

Xtreme series shock absorbers offer high energy capacity and reliability for safely and efficiently decelerating loads.


  • Adjustable and non-adjustable units in ¾ to 1⅛ in. bores and stroke lengths to 6 in.
  • One-piece cylinder construction with solid back-end for high energy performance
  • Designed for maximum cycle life to increase productivity
  • Integrated positive stop provides reliable positioning for moving loads

Orchard Park, N.Y.
(716) 662-1900
www.enidine.comCircle 179

Gear drive lubricant

GMax 6000 enclosed gear drive lubricant provides wear protection, thermal and oxidation stability, and extended operating life.


  • Extends operating life to 15,000 hr between changes
  • Operating temperature of -30° to 235° F reduces seasonal changeouts
  • Available as factory fill on all company gear drives

Milwaukee, Wis.
(414) 937-4686
Circle 180

Shaft grounding brush

Aegis SGR shaft grounding brushes prevent electrical damage to ac motor bearings and extend motor life by safely channeling harmful shaft currents to ground.


  • 9 sizes for NEMA motors ranging from 1 to 150 hp with shaft diameters of 0.775 to 2.395 in.
  • Conductive microfibers work without friction and wear, lasting the life of the motor
  • Unaffected by dirt, grease, and contaminants

Mechanic Falls, Maine
(866) 738-1857
Circle 181

Mini screwrails

Mini ScrewRails are designed for semiconductor manufacturing applications, offering quick set-up, ease of operation, accuracy, and reliability.


  • 3.75 in. O.D.
  • Available with many screw leads in standard and self-compensating anti-backlash assemblies
  • Precision rolled leadscrew, sealed bearings, concentric steel guide rail, integrated nut/bushing
  • Kerkote TFE coating minimizes drag torque and extends wear life

Hollis, N.H.
(603) 465-7227
Circle 182

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