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Sept. 1, 2007
Miniature curvilinear sensor C-Series sensor provides precise curvilinear measurements and features a new face and side sealing on the core plastic housing.

Miniature curvilinear sensor

C-Series sensor provides precise curvilinear measurements and features a new face and side sealing on the core plastic housing.

Features & benefits

  • Modular architecture built on base core sensor for easy integration

  • Allows greater versatility in installation options such as rotating shafts, balances, steering assemblies, and other applications where less than 270° of rotation needs to be monitored

  • Optional IP67-rated packaging effectively houses the core sensor

  • Optional 5 and 12-V supply module allows system to support changing supply requirements

MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Div.
(919) 677-2314
Circle 156

Conveyor chains

MicroSpan transfer is an alternative to roller transfers, featuring a tight-knit power plastic chain that provides a stable, flexible base for smooth transport of products.

Features & benefits

  • 140 ft/min maximum speed

  • Stainless steel and plastic ideal for washdown applications

  • Can be slave-driven by another conveyor or independently driven

  • Sprocket-driven design eliminates tracking problems

SpanTech LLC
(270) 651-9166
Circle 157

Ethernet switches

IP67-rated Industrial Ethernet switches operate in extreme environmental conditions, featuring a flammability rating of UL94 V0 with industry standard M12 sealed connection ports.

Features & benefits

  • Allows deployment of Ethernet-based control systems directly onto a machine, process, or factory floor vs. running cables or using enclosures

  • Unmanaged version and a full featured managed version, which supports VLAN, QoS, port trunking, port mirroring, SNMP, DHCP, and is auto crossing/auto negotiating

  • Eight 10/100 Ethernet ports along with dual power contacts and serial interface port for set-up and diagnostics

  • Ports feature M12 connections

(804) 794-2877
Circle 158

Linear slides

Linear slides feature an anodized aluminum body with a built-in repairable air cylinder and a combination of mounting holes to facilitate rigid mounting in tight spaces.

Features & benefits

  • 12, 20, and 32-mm bores with strokes from ½ to 10 in.

  • Guide shafts from ⅜ to ¾-in. diameters

  • Toolbar has counterbored tapped thruholes on top, front, and bottom faces for quick tooling attachment

  • Front face has slip-fit dowel hole and slot for repeatable precision tool alignment

Fabco-Air Inc.
(352) 373-3578
Circle 159

Brushless dc motors

Pittman brand Elcom ST series N2300 slotted brushless dc motors incorporate internal Hall sensor feedback for linear speed-torque characteristics, high starting torque, and variable speed control (with appropriate control electronics).

Features & benefits

  • 6-slot lamination design contributes to high power, fast acceleration, consistent operation, and long service life

  • Available in four standard stack lengths — ½, 1, 1½, and 2 in.

  • Integrate high-energy neodymium iron boron magnets

  • Speeds to 8,000 rpm and continuous torque to 40 oz-in.

Ametek Technical & Industrial Products
(330) 673-3452
Circle 160

Linear bushings

Linear ball bushings are available in 259 different varieties for most factory automation applications.

Features & benefits

  • 52100 bearing steel or 440C stainless-steel materials

  • Electroless nickel plating offered as an optional surface treatment for 52100 bearing steel

  • Compatible spacers, stopper plates, and mounting housings available

Misumi USA Inc.
(800) 681-7475
Circle 161

Small servodrives

Allen-Bradley Kinetix 2000 servodrives offer power ranges of 300 W to 3 kW, suitable for small packaging applications.

Features & benefits

  • Integrates with Allen-Bradley Logix controllers, servomotors, and actuators

  • Modular design minimizes wiring time and costs

  • Single power rail serves as both a mounting and connecting system, simplifying design and installation

Rockwell Automation
(800) 223-5354
Circle 162

Precision ball bearings

EZO-SPB miniature ball bearings feature balls that are smaller than those found in a ballpoint pen, making them suitable for any product requiring miniaturization with smooth, quiet motion.

Features & benefits

  • 0.06-mm or 0.0236-in. shaft I.D.

  • 2.5-mm O.D. and 1.0-mm wide

  • Five balls in each race

  • Balls are precision ground to ensure long life at operating speeds from 142,000 to 160,000 rpm

(941) 358-1655
Circle 163

Magnetic angular sensors

Posirot PRAS3 magnetic angular position sensor uses an internal, contact-free permanent magnet to determine the angular position in harsh environments.

Features & benefits

  • Compact 1.4-in. diameter housing

  • Measurement ranges are available in 15° increments: 0-15°, 0-30°, 0-45,° and up to 0-360°

  • Two extr-astrong ball bearings handle axial and radial loads along sensor's 10-mm shaft

  • Three analog outputs available — 0.5 to 4.5 V, 0.5 to 10 V, and 4 to 20 mA

  • ± 0.03% over the fullscale resolution and repeatability; 0.3% over the full-scale linearity

ASM Sensors Inc.
(630) 832-3202
Circle 164

Air cylinders

Twin Rod air cylinders feature less than ⅓ of a degree of rotation, allowing precise rod alignment and virtually eliminating rod endplay for guided linear motion.

Features & benefits

  • Rectangular body simplifies mounting, saves space in multiple applications, and makes it easy to achieve precise angles

  • Single and double acting models, with strokes from ½ to 4 in.

  • Built-in fine stroke adjustment, in six bore sizes from ¼ to 1¼ in.

  • Integral magnets permit mounting sensor switches on three sides

  • Rod end plate accepts a range of other pneumatic devices

Humphrey Products Co.(269) 381-5500
Circle 165

Linear slide

RGS 10000 slide is a self-contained, screw-driven linear slide that offers high linear speed, accurate positioning, and long life in a compact assembly.

Features & benefits

  • Handles dynamic axial loads to 100 lb

  • Speeds of more than 60 in./sec

  • Backlash and maintenance free

  • Standard leads include 0.100, 0.200, 0.500, and 1.00 in. travel per revolution

Kerk Motion Products
(603) 465-7227
Circle 166

Web-ready controller

Blue Fusion model 5300 web-enabled automation controllers let users securely monitor and control process variables over the Internet or intranets using a standard web browser.

Features & benefits

  • Lets users create graphical HMI projects hosted on the 5300's web server

  • Suitable for SCADA applications, especially those requiring 24-hour remote access

  • I/O modules available in 4, 8, 16, and 32 channel versions, featuring pluggable terminal blocks for direct wiring

  • Supports up to 1,024 I/O points and up to 16 axes of motion control

Control Technology Corp.
(508) 435-9595
Circle 167

LED projectors

LED spot projectors are compact, high-intensity LED spotlights that are designed to replace conventional halogen point-sources as well as fiber optic illumination solutions.

Features & benefits

  • Wavelengths include red, blue, green, amber, and broadband white

  • Provide light at divergence angles of 10 or 25°

  • Offer long lifetimes and low power consumption when compared to traditional light sources

  • Optional fiber-coupled configurations allow users to bring light to desired target using industry standard fiber components

StockerYale Inc.
(603) 893-8778
Circle 168

Servomotor controller

SilverDust IGC CANopen servomotor controller is a single-axis controller that includes serial communications (RS-232 and RS-485), CANopen, and 7 I/O.

Features & benefits

  • CANopen can be configured peer-to-peer or master/slave for sharing I/O with other controllers or devices

  • RS-232 and RS-485 run in parallel to CANopen for supervisory control of host

  • In multi-axis systems, one IGC serves as master while others receive motion commands

  • Includes breakouts for power and communications

QuickSilver Controls Inc.
(888) 660-3801
Circle 169

Capacitive sensors

Normally open/normally closed selector switches come on ac/dc 30-mm capacitive sensors, reducing need for complicated wiring or need to reverse wiring to change output.

Features & benefits

  • Detect metal and nonmetal objects

  • Housed in metallic or plastic cylindrical threaded casings; adjustable operating distance to 25 mm

  • Resist water, dust, shock, and vibration

  • LED, short circuit protection, IP65 protection, cable or connector versions, CE marked, and RoHS compliant

Fargo Controls Inc.
(800) 241-3755
Circle 170

Timing pulleys

High-precision timing pulleys can be used with timing belts to ensure perfect meshing, resulting in long service life and high accuracy of belt drives.

Features & benefits

  • English and metric pitches as well as flat idlers

  • Aluminum models offer light weight and reduced inertia for moderate power transmission

  • Steel and stainless-steel models are suitable for high power transmission and are highly durable

  • Delrin models are suitable for limited power transmission; nonmetallic design requires use of stainless-steel flanges

Brecoflex Co. LLC
(888) 463-1400
Circle 171

Microstepping driver, motor

PRO series NEMA-17 integrated motor/drivers conserve space, featuring a 42-mm hybrid motor with attached drive electronics that deliver accurate open loop control.

Features & benefits

  • Two models, PRO 42AP 1/500 microstepping, and PRO 42BP ⅛ microstepping are available

  • Provides high torque density and simplified operation to eliminate need to run motor power management cabling through machine and reduce potential for electrical noise

  • Available in case lengths of 40, 48, and 60 mm; produce maximum holding torques (bipolar) ranging from 300 to 440 mNm

  • AP offers 100,000 steps and BP offers 16,000 steps resolution

  • Suitable for positioning applications

Nippon Pulse America Inc.
(540) 633-1677
Circle 172

Graphical software

LabView 8.5 is the latest version of the graphical system design platform for test, control, and embedded system development.

Features & benefits

  • Simplifies multicore and FPGA-based application development with intuitive parallel dataflow language

  • Delivers faster test throughput, more efficient processor-intensive analysis, and more reliable real-time systems on dedicated processor cores

  • Extends Lab-View platform into embedded and industrial applications with new Statechart design module for modeling and implementing system behavior as well as new I/O libraries and analysis functions for monitoring and control

  • Delivers symmetric multiprocessing with LabView Real-Time environment to allow automatic loading of balance tasks across multiple cores without sacrificing determinism

National Instruments
(888) 280-7645
Circle 173

Rodless actuators

Extrak RM and LM Series rodless actuators offer roller screw technology or high speed belt drives to provide electro-mechanical reliability.

Features & benefits

  • Roller screw-driven versions offer higher thrust loads and longer life than ball screw driven rodless actuators

  • Choice of motor brand and type — brushless servo, stepper, dc, or ac motor

  • Input transmission options include direct coupling and parallel belt and pulley drive

  • Metric frame sizes of 65, 80, and 110 mm with stroke lengths to 7.5 m and speeds to more than 9 m/sec

Exlar Corp.
(952) 368-3434
Circle 174

Servomotors, amplifiers

Six Alpha HVi series servo models for use in general machine automation come with a DSM324i motion controller.

Features & benefits

  • Voltage input range of 400 to 480 Vac; include separately mounted shared power supply modules

  • Reduce the amount of space needed in the cabinet

  • Eliminate the need for external power resistors to dissipate regenerated energy during motor deceleration

  • Supported by the PACMotion controller

GE Fanuc Automation
Circle 175

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