Jan. 1, 2005
Thanks I just had the pleasure of reading the excerpt from Sen. Zell Miller's speech at the Republican National Convention (In the Loop, November 2004).

Thanks …

I just had the pleasure of reading the excerpt from Sen. Zell Miller's speech at the Republican National Convention (In the Loop, November 2004). Mr. Miller has clearly articulated my thoughts and probably those of a majority of Americans. Thank you for making it available in Motion System Design.
Ross Tyler, P.E.
Associate Engineer
Clallam County Public Works Dept.

I just finished reading your November 2004 In the Loop. Let me say thank you! It's about time someone had the fortitude to tell it like it needed to be told for a long time. This article should be required for all Bush doubters, or any American doubters for that matter. I will be doing my best to spread this article around our company to anyone who doesn't get your magazine.
Dave Rice
USMC Veteran

I whole-heartedly agree with your editorial in the November issue. It would've been a tragedy and a shame had this country chosen Kerry to be President.

Why is it every Democratic candidate has some dark or unaccounted for past? How could the people of this country elect Clinton, who was hiding from the draft in the Soviet Union, over a war veteran Dole? Nowadays, Democrats say Kerry's four-month-long Vietnam experience makes him a better candidate than non-combatant Bush.

As Gore and Clinton before him, Kerry considers himself “more equal” (remember Animal Farm?) And while Bush has allowed the release of his records, Kerry has never followed suit — and there is certainly a reason for that.
Boris Makutonin
Senior Consultant
Pak/Teem Inc.

… and no thanks

I received my November issue of Motion System Design and was very disappointed to see that you believe the readers of MSD are interested in your political point of view. Stick with the subjects of MSD. We'll ask for your opinion on other matters if we believe you're an expert in the area. Don't use a good magazine as your soapbox.
Gerald D. Alexander

I was astonished to find the complete speech (or something close to it) given by Sen. Zell Miller in the editorial section of Motion System Design. I was under the distinct impression this was a technical magazine, and I was safe to assume this sort of commentary has no place in any section of such a magazine. I'm sure you don't want to hear my political views, and I'm quite certain I don't want to hear yours. Let's keep our technical magazines technically oriented and leave the politics to other publications.
Bob Inglin
Dynamic Systems Technologies Inc.

Since you don't state your pro or con affiliation with Miller's speech, I'll address both possibilities. Maybe you're publishing Miller's speech to demonstrate the lunatic fringe element of the Republican Party. This is the guy who wants to challenge Chris Matthews to a duel. We all hope Miller has success in building his bridge back to the 18th century. Bi-partisan is not the term that comes to mind when I recall Miller's enraged, frowning countenance and mean-spirited tone.

Or maybe you're simply so impressed by Miller's rant that you felt it deserved a place in an industrial trade journal. I guess there must be some logic there, but I can't see it.

If it's the latter case, admire extremists on your own time and focus on motion system design issues in Penton's magazine.
Bob Eisele
Amacoil Inc.

I was disappointed and dismayed upon reading what was misleadingly labeled an editorial in the November issue. I watched the Republican National Convention, and I witnessed the impressive performance by Zell Miller. There is no doubt in my mind that the man is a gifted public speaker. Unfortunately, that is all it was — a performance. Closer scrutiny of the substance of his speech reveals numerous inaccuracies, hyperboles, liberal (pardon the pun) use of the “straw man” rhetorical tool, and other shortcomings. Philosophically, the speech was shallow and simplistic.

Regardless of our obviously differing political inclinations, there is one thing I feel very strongly about — politics without a modicum of analysis does not belong in an engineering publication.
Alon Harpaz
Electrical Engineer
Danaher Motion,
Dover Instrument

I am a Republican. I voted for George W. Bush in 2000. I found it illuminating that you used such an appallingly low point in our party's history to state your opinion. Sen. Zell Miller is pathologically wrong on so many points.

Clearly, our worldviews are not even on the same map. I can only imagine your editorial in November 2008. I foresee a diatribe against those liberal and disloyal Democrats who failed our country. If only they had not blocked the coronation of King George Bush. King George could have won the war on terrorism.

I feel like I am watching a train wreck in slow motion. Over the next four years, I think our political and military strategy in Iraq will fail, Iraq will be the same or worse than it is today, our brave and dedicated soldiers will be humbled, our President will be humbled, and our country will be humbled and greatly weakened. By 2008, America will be forced to restart our entire Middle East/terrorism strategy from a much weaker position.

In my darker moments, I look at my 15-year-old son and wonder what war he will be forced to fight because of our collective ignorance and arrogance regarding our terrorist enemies.
David Henderson
Founder and President
New Scale Technologies Inc.

When you are on the front line supporting Mr. Bush, let us know by getting someone to publish your views. In the meantime, let's use the editorial pages to discuss engineering-related subjects. When we want political opinions, there are newspapers and news magazines all over the place — most with a balanced view.

Ever since the Second World War, we have been trying to get people to see the world as a place where we help each other. Mr. Bush and those who support him seem to think only they know what is right, and that might is the only way to show others what is right. Fewer people in Iraq died living under the tyrant than have died being freed by the U.S. Who in the end will they think the most of? And now I see Mr. Bush is eyeing Iran. How many will die there? How about you? Are you ready to serve? I'm sure the President would be very happy to have your real support, not just your armchair quarterbacking.

I don't see Mr. Bush's children out there on this wonderful front line he has drawn either, or did I miss something? And don't say they are women. So is my niece, a little dusty from Iraq's dust.
John Koonce

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