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Aug. 1, 2010

Check out Motion System Design's comprehensive web page on the most significant legislation to affect the industry in some time. The Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) is new legislation that will regulate, among other things, the efficiency of motors that can be legally bought and sold in the United States. Motors manufactured after December 19 and falling under EISA categories must comply with its guidelines.

EISA puts the United States at the forefront of efficiency in several key areas, exceeding the standards of other regions in the world.

Newly updated sites

Linear, bearing, tables website

igus has just launched a new website for North America at The new website offers online ordering, optimized browsing for cell phones, application examples, technical information, and new online tools.

Innovasic Semiconductor's provides industrial Ethernet development tools, conformance testing resources, access to evaluation hardware, FAQs, and direct technical support. A portal supports RapID Platform — a downloadable Industrial Ethernet design platform.

  • Portions of the site require registration.

An NB Corp. paper at covers ballscrew actuators and compares off-the-shelf and custom assemblies; effects of component design on load capacity, rigidity; how speed affects sizing; and environmental considerations.

  • Much of the material on Machine Design's website can be viewed without registering.

Extreme-environment connector selector

A new configurator from Wieland allows users to choose from 1,500 components in minutes. Incorrect configurations are impossible; filters are based on terminations, pole configuration, current, voltage, and conductor size.

  • Visit No registration is required to access the configurator, and the tool is more intuitive than average.

Integrator site

Intelligrated's new website is now bilingual, and a French-language version is planned for launch soon. Site content is segmented by industry, solutions and services, software, customer service and customer tools. Visitors to are also given free access to calculators that allow users to determine the ROI of different material handling solutions.

  • Some technical information requires registration to access.

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