Products Spotlight: Gearing

Nov. 1, 2007
Speed reducers AD reducers offer backlash as low as 3 arc-min and high shock load capacity in an interchangeable design. Features & benefits Input speeds

Speed reducers

AD reducers offer backlash as low as 3 arc-min and high shock load capacity in an interchangeable design.

Features & benefits

  • Input speeds to 6,000 rpm; output peak torque from 40 to 384 Nm (one-stage) and 38 to 4,000 Nm (two-stage)

  • Slotted interface allows quick and easy installation with any servomotor

  • Steel, aluminum, or stainless-steel housing

  • Contact of three planetary gears in steel crown gear with large diameter output provides high torsional stiffness

  • Two output bearings result in higher bearing capacity and long life

Onvio LLC
(603) 685-0404
Circle 154

Worm gears

A double enveloping geometry features more teeth in contact with each other, to provide greater load carrying capacity in similar sizes, improved positional accuracy, longer life, and greater shock load capability.

Features & benefits

  • Series B has all aluminum housing in sizes from 1.33 to 3.54 in. centers

  • Model HP comes in sizes 1.500 to 28 in.

  • Accudrive series W and model RG offer high levels of precision for any type of servomotor

Cone Drive Textron
(888) 373-2663
Circle 155

Anti-backlash gears

  • Series 1158 anti-backlash gears feature Fairloc integral hub fastening system to eliminate marred shafts and help phase adjustment, timing, position adjustment, and frequent removal problems.

Features & benefits

  • Gears are made of a set of two gear halves

  • Come in 303 stainless steel and 2024 aluminum; fit shafts ranging from to ¼ in. diameter

  • Suggested clearance between bore and shaft is 0.0001/0.0008 in.

  • Come in 120, 96, 80, 72, 64, and 48 diametral pitches and feature a 0.104-in. face width; sizes from 40 to 360 teeth with ODs from 0.642 to 3.083 in.

Sterling Instrument
(516) 328-3300
Circle 156

Corrosion-resistant gearbox

Stainless SG inline planetary gear and ternary intelligent linear actuator combination is comprised of 304 grade stainless steel shafts and housing and a guaranteed watertight motor/gearbox connection for washdown environments.

Features & benefits

  • No crevices for retaining fluids or promoting bacteria

  • Integrating all drive and control components into a single package, ternary provides easy installation with PLC control and low maintenance for washdown environments

  • Gearbox can be mounted to the ternary for rotary actuation

alpha gear drives Inc./Wittenstein motion control
(888) 534-1222
Circle 157

Spiral bevel gears

Gears are carburized and hardened and come in matched sets.

Features & benefits

  • Ground tooth sets available; available as Q9 (lapped) and Q11 (ground tooth)

  • Sizes from 1 to 16 in.

  • Constructed of 8620 steel

  • Custom products available include spurs, helicals, and curvic couplings

Arrow Gear Co.
(630) 969-7640
Circle 158

Speed reducers

Cyclo Bevel Buddybox 3 speed reducers and gearmotors combine quiet, efficient Cyclo technology input with rugged spiral bevel gearbox output.

Features & benefits

  • ⅛ to 40 hp; ratios from 11:1 to 26,000:1 and greater

  • Modular design is compact and offers flexible output speed and torque combinations

  • Taper Grip bushing system provides simple shaft mounting for self-alignment and backlash-free torque transmission

Sumitomo Drive Technologies
(757) 485-3355
Circle 159

Industrial gear units

X series industrial gear units offer high capacity and flexibility and come in 23 different sizes — each with a different torque rating — to deliver high torque graduation.

Features & benefits

  • Helical and helical-bevel gear technologies deliver torques to 4.1 million lb-in. with unit weights topping out at 4 ton

  • Symmetrical housing allows the gear units to be inverted to transform a left-handed unit into a right-handed one

  • Mount horizontally or vertically in foot, flange, or shaft-mounted designs

  • Internal gearing features ground finish for advanced fatigue strength properties and heightened resistance against breakage

SEW Eurodrive
(864) 439-8792
Circle 160

Spur gears

Gears transmit rotary motion into uniform angular velocity and can be mounted on parallel, intersecting, or non-intersecting shafts.

Features & benefits

  • 96 heat-treated gear teeth

  • 20° pressure angle; 16.24 in. OD

  • Change the plane of rotation and increase or decrease speed of applied motion

  • Magnify or reduce applied force, and provide drive without slippage

Forest City Gear
(866) 623-2168
Circle 161

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