High Speed

Jan. 1, 2005
Optical angle encoder The RESM optical angle encoder, the first in the Signum line of intelligent encoders, delivers speeds to more than 3,600 rev/min.

Optical angle encoder

The RESM optical angle encoder, the first in the Signum line of intelligent encoders, delivers speeds to more than 3,600 rev/min.


  • Accuracy to ±0.5 arc-sec with resolution and repeatability to 0.02 arc-sec
  • Intelligent signal processing delivers high reliability and ultra-low cyclic error
  • Auto-phase bidirectional optical reference mark

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Chip-level communication

The Motionnet System is a chip-level communication system that supplies 20-Mbps serial commutation.


  • Consists of a center device (G9001) and three local devices: I/O (G9002), PCL motion controller (G9003), and CPU emulation (G9004)
  • G9001 controls up to 64 local devices
  • G9002 has four 8-bit ports per device
  • G9003 outputs 5 Mpps to control stepper or digital servomotors
  • G9004 operates in either CPU emulation or message communication mode; has 8 and 16-bit CPU interfaces

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Vision inspection system

The F270 vision system delivers an optimum inspection speed of 5,000 parts/min.


  • Uses two CPUs with up to four high-speed cameras, two independent triggers, and dual real-time position compensation ASICs
  • Captures images in 8 to 16 msec in field or frame mode
  • Multiple cameras allow target inspection from multiple views or at different processing stages
  • Dual CPUs let two targets be simultaneously inspected
  • Suitable for high-speed processing lines, such as canning and other packaging applications

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Roller pinion system

The Precision Roller Pinion System maintains accurate positioning at speeds as high as13.7 ft/sec.


  • Pinion consists of bearing-supported rollers that move smoothly along the face of each tooth
  • Quiet operation
  • Low-friction design doesn't create heat or wear on components

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