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March 1, 2008
Grid couplings G-Flex grid couplings are based on the Bibby Transmissions design to protect against shaft misalignment and vibration. Features & benefits

Grid couplings

G-Flex grid couplings are based on the Bibby Transmissions design to protect against shaft misalignment and vibration.

Features & benefits

  • Shot-peened spring creates protective surface layer that resists fatigue and stress corrosion, increasing strength and working life of grid

  • Interchangeable with industry-standard grid couplings

  • 1000T10 model features horizontal split cover for limited space applications

  • 1000T20 features vertical split for higher running speeds

TB Wood's Inc., an Altra Industrial Motion Co.
(888) 829-6637
Circle 151

U-joint couplings

Block-and-pin universal joints handle misalignment to 35° and boost safety by accommodating gross overloads.

Features & benefits

  • Movable shaft enables freedom of movement for load or drive along shaft

  • Handle movement from drive or driven members

  • Motion of an inch or more in axial direction can be accommodated

  • O.D.s from ⅜ to 4 in., with torque ratings for alloy steel units from 140 to 131,000 lb-in.

  • Available in corrosion-resistant grades of stainless steel, naval brass, and monel

Curtis Universal
(800) 466-2144
Circle 152

Steel shafting

Case-hardened precision shafting made with custom magnetic frequency generator has precise dimensions and high strength.

Features & benefits

  • Rapid heating and cooling quench technique hardens surface to a selected depth while retaining malleable soft core

  • Outer layer provides abrasion resistance

  • Diameters from ¼ to 3 in., including 8 metric sizes and lengths to 15 ft

  • Standard yield strength of outer case is 252,000 psi; 340,000 psi tensile strength

Lee Linear
(800) 221-0811
Circle 153

Linear shafts

Standard lengths in more than 450 straight shaft types feature consistent hardened depth.

Features & benefits

  • Metric shafts are available in 52100 chrome-plated bearing steel and 440C stainless-steel materials

  • Inch shafts are available in 1060 steel and 440C stainless-steel materials

  • 3 to 50-mm diameters; 10 to 1500-mm lengths, configurable in 0.1-mm increments

  • Various tool and stainless steels, some with low-temp black chrome plating

  • More hardening and surface treatments available; dozens of configurable end styles

Misumi USA Inc.
(800) 681-7475
Circle 154

Spline shafts

The small SS 2 spline shaft series has an O.D. of 0.125 in. for light applications where low friction and long life are critical.

Features & benefits

  • Suitable for rotary drives with adjustable linear position, or linear guides with high torsional stability

  • With ball spline or hex, square, or D-shaft, provides lower cost alternative without sacrificing positional accuracy

  • Low friction allows some equipment downsizing, including motors, to reduce heat buildup, and energy requirements

  • Assembly consists of a stainless steel or aluminum spline shaft treated with low-friction Kerkote TFE coating, coupled with plain or thread-mount bushings

Kerk Motion Products Inc.
(603) 465-7227
Circle 155

Tapered shaft servo couplings

BK4 bellows couplings interface servomotors with tapered conical shafts in mechanical assemblies, reducing stress on shaft bearings when the motor frame is bolted down.

Features & benefits

  • Stainless-steel bellows help compensate for slight misalignments in motor mounting with zero backlash and high torsional stiffness

  • Tapered bore machined directly into the coupling's hub, saving space and time designing an adapter

  • Output configured with removable clamping bushing to allow access to inner face of the tapered bore for tightening onto the tapered shaft

  • Clamping bushing can be bored to diameter required

R+W America
(630) 521-9911
Circle 156

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