May 1, 2012
Brushless motor A DXH15 Series outer-member rotating BLDC motor from BEI Kimco Magnetics incorporates a proprietary Hall commutation circuit for low jitter

Brushless motor

A DXH15 Series outer-member rotating BLDC motor from BEI Kimco Magnetics incorporates a proprietary Hall commutation circuit for low jitter and high accuracy velocity control.

• Supports extreme inner rotational speed variations by maintaining a shaft run-out of only +/- 0.010-in. for negligible jitter of less than ±0.1% • Hall commutation circuit produces exacting switch points • Precision ball bearings and balanced rotor ensure reliable operation at speeds in excess of 11,000 rpm during continuous duty operation • 1.5-in. OD; 1.0-in. axial length • Custom mounting and electrical interface features available

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Thermocouple connector and data logger

The MWTC-D Series of portable thermocouple wireless connectors and data loggers from Omega Engineering Inc. records over 65,000 process temperature data points and comes with standard J, K, T, E, R, S, B, C, or N thermocouple calibration.

• Battery-powered connector transmits and/or records process and ambient temperature data to a wireless receiver up to 300 ft away • Readings in realtime; recordings begin at power up or set date and time • Wireless connectors (up to 48 units) transmit to MWTC-REC receiver

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DIN rails

Several new DIN rails from IBOCO include 1-m lengths of the company's most popular rail and a new 4.5-in.-high aluminum Step rail (Omega 345A2).

• The DIN-rail line features 23 different styles; solid rail available in copper, steel, and stainless steel; standard aluminum rail; 2.25-in.-high aluminum Step rail; perforated and unperforated types (unperforated style has a dotted line for accurate mounting-hole drilling); packaged in small-quantity cartons

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Rotary sensors

ML Series rotary sensors from Novotechnik U.S. Inc. measure angles to 100 turns or 36,000° of mechanical travel with a life of more than 15 million turns.

• Five models, optimized for maximum 6, 10, 25, 50, or 100 turns; ±0.01% repeatability or better; independent linearity as low as ±0.25%; electrical ranges are 0° to 2,160°, 3,240°, 8,280°, 17,280°, or 34,560°; maximum resistance value is either 5 or 10 kΩ, depending on model • Temperature coefficient is 5 ppm/K; friction clutch on each sensor's end-stops provides overrun protection • Mechanical dimensions measured from shaft end range in length from 62.2 to 102.2 mm • 13-mm width, 6-mm diameter, 10-mm bushing mount

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Right-angle gearmotors

The W37/W47 SEW-Eurodrive Inc. Spiroplan right-angle gear units offer high speed, high efficiency, and low noise, making them suitable for food, beverage, airport, and material-handling conveyors.

• Aluminum-housed; compact, lightweight, lubricated for life, mount in any orientation (except M4) with same amount of oil • Low gear ratios for high output speeds, wear-free gears minimize friction • First-stage helical gearing and second-stage hypoid gearing for high mechanical efficiency and low energy consumption, as compared to worm-gear units

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Single-axis motion controller with drive

One new stepper-motor drive option of the DMC-30000 Pocket Motion Controller Series from Galil Motion Control Inc. is the DMC-30017, which combines a single-axis motion controller with a 6A microstepping drive.

• Better power efficiency, smaller size, and a lower price than prior generation; contains a microstepping drive for operating a two-phase bipolar stepper motor — drive produces 256 microsteps per full step or 1,024 steps per full cycle for 51,200 steps/rev from a standard 200-step motor; maximum step rate generated by the controller is 3,000,000 microsteps/sec; drives motors to 6 A at 20 to 80 Vdc — at 0.75, 1.5, 3, or 6 A • 3.9 × 5.0 × 1.5 in., no external heat sink required • 125 µsec servo loop update; 15-MHz encoder frequency, 3-MHz stepper pulse output • PID compensation with velocity and acceleration feedforward

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Clamp-style couplings

Series A1C High Performance CD couplings from Zero-Max offer an improved clamp-style hub design for handling larger shafts and higher torque.

• Designed for servomotor and motion control applications; high torsional stiffness and high dynamic load capacity; precise positioning under high speed reversing loads without fatigue • Zero-backlash for reversing loads and high speeds • Precision machined hubs of ISO-grade 7075-T6 aluminum; hubs are black anodized to MIL-A-8625 Type 2, Class 2 finish • All components tested with FEA software for perfect balance; six sizes available — 40 to 564 Nm; 6,700 to 15,000 rpm

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Foot switches

Metal guard foot switches from AutomationDirect are now available in single and double units.

• Die-cast aluminum foot cover guards and heavy-duty ABS plastic bases and pedals • Suitable for shearing and spinning machines, lathes, wrapping, and riveting machines and presses • Safety anti-trip, free moving, and free moving maintained formats • IP65 rated • Two normally open and two normally closed contacts with snap action or slow action options

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Motor gives machinery wiiiiiiings

This direct-drive design is for all of you plant engineers reading Motion System Design. The swing servo, also known as the wing motor because of its appearance, is the newest innovation in motor mounting.

The hollow-shaft direct drive wing motor has two swinging stator halves that offer an alternative way of mounting for easier integration in designs where axial installation and removal from a machine are not possible.

Engineers at Wittenstein Inc., Bartlett, Ill., created this wing motor as a customized direct drive for rollers, to allow the machine builders to fully integrate the motor into existing layouts without extending the roll periphery.

The split stator contains two parallel three-phase systems that allow for the stator to be joined together in a controlled way. Each stator half contains a water-cooling pipe system made from stainless steel, to prevent damage to the drive due to intense heat stemming from the roll.


Key features: It can be retrofitted or dismantled at any time for maintenance, and is designed to withstand harsh operating environments.

What else: This motor operates the same way as a classic, one-piece direct drive with impressive performance. The wing motor has very high efficiency and is very low on energy consumption.


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