Jan. 1, 2005
Precision gantry with flexible design The High Precision Gantry (HPG) brings design flexibility to gantry applications. Its X and Y axes can be built

Precision gantry with flexible design

The High Precision Gantry (HPG) brings design flexibility to gantry applications. Its X and Y axes can be built with either LC-50 iron-core or LEB ironless (zero-cogging) linear servomotors, in 200 or 300-mm coil lengths. And the Y axis is available with single or dual-motor actuation for optimized throughput.

In addition, the HPG offers a variety of travels and resolutions. Standard X-axis travels are available from 250 to 1,000 mm and Y-axis travels range from 350 to 1,100 mm. Rugged high-resolution optical encoders (0.1 to 5 µm/count) are standard, along with high-flex, strain-relieved cables bundled in module cable carriers.

The gantry is well suited to applications found in electronics assembly, pick and place, and precision automation.

Shirley, N.Y.
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Circle 110

Rigid positioning tables

IDC URS-Series ballscrew positioning tables use a special U-shaped steel guide rail and a recirculating bearing module that serves as both a guide block and ballscrew nut. The bearing module contains four preloaded ball circuits for high load capacity, accuracy, and rigidity while the rigid U-shaped guide resists bending for cantilevered applications.

The URS-Series comes in five standard sizes from 20 mm tall × 40 mm wide to 55 mm tall × 100 mm wide, in travel lengths to 1,134 mm and load capacities to 530 kg.

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Fast linear positioning

The Linear Sigma Trac Series of fully integrated linear positioning slides offers peak forces of 86 to1,200 N and strokes from 100 mm to 2 m. They also provide accelerations to 5 gs and velocities to 5m/sec.

Because the series was developed as an integral component of the Sigma II Series ac servo system, the digital servo amplifiers use an intelligent serial encoder feedback system to automatically recognize which model linear servomotor is connected upon power-up and automatically self-configure.

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Complex, single-motor conveying

Heavy-duty industrial Modular Plastic Belt (MPB) curve conveyors move products around corners while maintaining product orientation. The conveyors can have multiple turn sections, with incline or decline sections, while using a single drive motor. Curved sections can be combined with straight sections to create a complete production line.

The MPB conveyors offer 24-in. belt widths and 45, 90, and 180° turns. They offer belt speeds to 100 ft/min and a T-slot mounting for accessories.

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Mini precision stages

LC-9.5 positioning stages, complete with motor, fit into a 10 × 40 × 10-mm envelope and provide straight-line accuracy to 0.0005 in./in. or 0.01 mm/25 mm of travel. Repeatability is 0.0001 in. or 0.0025 mm. A lightweight aluminum base and carriage contain two rows of precision ceramic ball bearings separated by a stainless-steel retainer and roll between two steel raceways on either side. This straight-line design lowers the coefficient of friction because rolling elements are separated from each other and don't turn corners or describe an oval path as in recirculating designs.

A one-piece base includes an integral slide base and motor adapter. Standard mounting holes in both the base and carriage ease installation and eliminate associated tolerance buildup issues and component costs. The leadscrew has a 1.2-mm diameter with a 0.25-mm lead. Total slide travel is ±4.25 mm from the center or a total of 9.5 mm. A compression spring between the Delrin leadscrew nut and base end pre-loads the nut to cut backlash. Stages come with or without a stepper motor.

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Scara robots for entrylevel tasks

On Cobra i-Series self-contained robots, the controller is built into the arm. This makes the robot easier to install and operate and gives it a small footprint for basic automation tasks such as mechanical assembly, part transfer, material handling, packaging, palletizing, and other entry-level applications. The robots can run stand-alone under the MicroV+ operating system and programming language, without an external controller, electronics, or breakout box. The robots may be controlled via commands from PC programs, digital I/O, or a PLC.

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Electric actuators

EMY2 electric-guided, slide-table actuators combine the smooth operation, flexibility, and high positioning accuracy of a stepper-motor actuator with the quick setup and simple actuation of pneumatic equivalents. The EMY2 uses a simple control box for manual operation, and can be actuated with two PLC outputs such as a solenoid valve; one for move left, another for move right, and both for move to center. It also provides four status outputs and five LEDs for at-a-glance visual indication. Magnetically triggered Hall-effect sensors mount along the length of the actuator for additional position verification.

Available in two base sizes, the EMY2 handles payloads to 70 lb, with stroke lengths from 50 to 1,000 mm. Stop blocks tailor stroke length to the application. Motor and control box can locate either on the left or right side of the actuator, facing up or down.

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Tiny translation stage

The M-663, touted as the world's smallest translation stage, incorporates an integrated high-speed linear piezo motor drive and linear encoder. The compact unit provides a 20-mm travel range, 0.1-mm resolution with optical encoder feedback, 150-m/sec acceleration, and 800-mm/sec velocity in a package of 35 × 35 × 15 mm.

Features include no heat generation or power consumption in steady-state, high acceleration for fast start/stop and high-speed scanning, and optional OEM electronics. The linear motor drive is based on an ultra-compact traveling-wave PZT unit and comes complete with a motor driver. For XY configurations, a modified version is also available. A variety of benchtop and OEM-board controllers are available to drive the units. Typical applications include medical technology, analytical equipment, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and test equipment.

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