Oct. 1, 2006
Vibration meter HHVB82 vibration meters monitor machinery to detect poor balance, worn bearings, misalignments, and loose fittings. Features & benefits

Vibration meter

Features & benefits

  • Measure acceleration to 200 m/sec and velocity to 200 mm/sec

  • Auto shut-off, built-in stand, reading hold standard

  • Store minimum and maximum readings with push-button recall

  • Vibration sensor with magnetic mount included

Omega Engineering Inc.
Stamford, Conn.
(203) 359-1660
Circle 250

Long-distance switches

OPB732 infrared switches have reflective distance of more than 1 in., depending on circuitry.

Features & benefits

  • Infrared LED and phototransistor included; opaque housing reduces sensitivity to ambient light

  • Light-emitting diode features 850 nm wavelength and 100-mW power dissipation

  • 50 mA maximum forward current; 1.8-V maximum forward voltage

  • PC board through-hole pins or 24-in. 26 AWG wires

Optek Technology
Carrollton, Tex.
(972) 323-2200
Circle 251

Brush dc motors

Pittman series 8000 brush-commutated motors feature a 7-slot skewed armature design to minimize cogging (reluctance torque) and promote smooth and quiet operation.

Features & benefits

  • Three lengths — 2.070, 2.445, and 2.915 in.

  • Achieve torques to 16.8 oz-in. and speeds to 10,650 rpm

  • Diamond-turned commutators promote concentricity and long brush life

  • Resin-impregnated windings and copper graphite brushes are standard

Pittman of Ametek Inc.
Harleysville, Pa.
(877) 748-8626
Circle 252

Spur gears

Precision 0.5, 0.8, and 1 module 303 stainless-steel spur gears to ISO class 7 feature a Fairloc integral hub fastener.

Features & benefits

  • 5 to 8 mm face widths fit shafts of 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10 mm diameter

  • Sizes range from 9 to 102 mm diameter with 14 to 120 teeth

  • Fairloc fastener eliminates marred shafts and allows frequent phase, timing, and position adjustment

  • Cantilevered clamping section has tapped hole to accept cap screw

Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument

New Hyde Park, N.Y.
(516) 328-3300
Circle 253

Linear servomotor

Low-friction miniature shaft motor is quiet, because linear guide is its only mechanical contact.

Features & benefits

  • 4-mm shaft diameter; 10 × 10 mm forcer size; 9 g

  • Strokes to 40 mm

  • Coreless construction eliminates cogging; no backlash

  • Motor stiffness suits resolution of 0.09 nm

  • No speed fluctuations

Nippon Pulse America Inc.
Radford, Va.
(540) 633-1677
Circle 254

Reaction torque sensors

Series 2300 and 2500 strain-gauge reaction torque sensors measure brake torque, bearing friction, and pump or motor torque.

Features & benefits

  • High torsional stiffness, flange mounting

  • Full-scale capacities from 5,000 to 500,000 lb-in. (0.56 to 56.5 kN-m)

  • Supplied with a shunt calibration resistor

PCB Piezotronics Inc., Force/Torque Div.
Depew, N.Y.
(888) 684-0004
Circle 255

LED illuminators

SpecBright LED illuminators include area lights, line lights, ring lights, and spotlights.

Features & benefits

  • Brightness in a reliable, compact design

  • UV and IR wavelengths as well as visible spectra

  • Accessories include heatsinks and stabilized power sources

StockerYale Inc.
Salem, N.H.
(800) 843-8011
Circle 256

Tapered roller bearings

High-carbon, chromium steel tapered roller bearings offer dimensional stability under heavy loads, long life in harsh environments, a durable steel cage, and interchangeability with other bearings.

Features & benefits

  • 15 to 240 mm or 0.59 to 9.45 in. I.D. to 35 to 40 mm or 1.38 to 15.75 O.D.

  • Composed of cone (inner ring), cup (outer ring), tapered rollers, and cage (roller retainer)

  • Through-hardened and case-hardened for consistent surface hardness

  • Custom sizes and individual cup and cone components available

AST Bearings
Montville, N.J.
(800) 526-1250
Circle 257

Motion controller

MC302X DIN rail-mounted motion controller features two axes — one that can be configured for servo or high-speed stepper control, and another as a reference encoder or stepper axis.

Features & benefits

  • Differential line-driver stepper outputs can be configured for standard simulated quadrature-encoder outputs, to synchronize multiple units

  • Programmed with Trio Basic for preemptive multitasking of up to three simultaneous processes

  • Operates from 40 mA at 24 Vdc and has four 24 V inputs and four bi-directional input/output channels

  • Expands to 256 external input/output channels and up to 32 analog input channels

Trio Motion Technology
Pittsburgh, Pa.
(412) 968-9744
Circle 258

Feedback-enabled drives

Aries all-digital servodrives accept resolver feedback and are less susceptible to temperature, humidity, dust, vibration, and shock.

Features & benefits

  • Seven power ranges from 100 to 3,000 W

  • 16 A rms continuous and 48 A rms peak current quickly accelerates large loads

  • Smart encoder feedback sets up drive

  • Support for Endat multi-turn encoders eliminates limit switches and homing routines

  • DriveTalk feature communicates with drive without serial connection

Parker Hannifin Corp., Electromechanical Automation Div.
Rohnert Park, Calif.
(707) 584-2493
Circle 259

Motion control software

Version 3.04 for motion programming interface controls drives, motors, and I/O.

Features & benefits

  • Integrated, professional C library

  • Low-latency command-to-motion execution for real-time motion with vision or high-speed I/O

  • Reliable, deterministic network master with node self-enumeration, redundant fault tolerance, and event management

  • Real-time data access to networked drives, controls, and I/O; software field connectivity into all system components

Danaher Motion
Wood Dale, Ill.
(866) 993-2624
Circle 260

Force-torque sensors

FTC sensors simplify difficult automated robotic component assembly operations.

Features & benefits

  • Mechanical compliance and opto-electric measurement of all six degrees of freedom eliminate rise of force at time of contact

  • All electronics contained within sensor

  • 1 kHz clock speed allows real-time control

  • Communication over standard protocols — Canbus and RS232 or RS485; eliminates need for external controllers

Schunk Inc.
Morrisville, N.C.
(919) 572-2705
Circle 261

Linear actuators

Heavy-duty SRX-150 linear actuators feature a compact, aluminum profile design in belt or ballscrew-driven versions.

Features & benefits

  • Small footprint and double roll moment capacity of similar products

  • Dynamic loads to 66 kN; speeds to 5 m/sec

  • Zero backlash and long stroke

  • NSK K1 lubrication units and end-of-travel high energy absorbing bumpers standard

Bishop-Wisecarver Corp.
Pittsburg, Calif.
(888) 580-8272
Circle 262

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