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Oct. 1, 2007
Hollow shaft encoder RCH50 hollow-shaft encoder combines ease of installation with high performance in a new cost-effective package. Features & benefits

Hollow shaft encoder

RCH50 hollow-shaft encoder combines ease of installation with high performance in a new cost-effective package.

Features & benefits

  • Custom Opto-ASIC supporting incremental encoder features line counts up to 4,096 as well as outputs for commutation of brushless servomotors

  • Commutation signals implemented with precision optical logic to provide accurate switch points for smooth and efficient motor operation at any pole count

  • Internal bearings and flexible stator coupling make installation on any motor absolutely hassle-free

  • High frequency response, robust construction

  • Ability to operate in high temperatures

Renco Encoders Inc.
(805) 968-1525
Circle 159

Vision inspection software

Version IPD iNspect software expands the capabilities of the end-user friendly software, and also provides additoinal control and flexibility when interfacing with external equipment.

Features & benefits

  • Machine vision inspection tools for positioning, measuring, barcode reading, 2D matrix reading, text reading, object recognition, and flaw detection

  • Tools are easily applied using a simple point-and-click graphical interface

  • Supports a range of communication options and protocols, such as Ethernet/IP and Modbus, in addition to direct connection with popular PLCs

(978) 670-2035
Circle 160

Multi-axis controllers and drives

SEC-AC-SMLC controllers are engineered to plug together and work as a system, while SEC-SDD digital drives simplify servo system tuning with automatic loop adjustments based on motor and load inertia settings.

Features & benefits

  • Controllers offer integrated PLC functionality and an OPC server; Ethernet connectivity; IEC 61131-3 applications programming; PLCopen and enhanced motion function blocks

  • Drives offer IEEE 1394 ServoWire network; 115 Vac single phase and 230 Vac single/three phase; position loop updates up to 2 kHz

Festo Corp.
(800) 993-3786
Circle 161

Linear ball bearings

Simplicity ISO metric ball bearings feature a one-piece polymer ball cage coupled with a hardened bearing steel shell to provide minimal friction and high load capacities.

Features & benefits

  • Longer ball races allow more balls in the load zone to improve loading and achieve smooth, unlimited linear travel

  • Sealed bearings increase reliability

  • Available in a broad range of sizes and configurations including integrated flange, twin-length types, and pillow blocks

  • Accessories include hardened and ground shafting, support blocks, and shaft support rails for installation

Pacific Bearing Co.
(800) 729-9085
Circle 162

Adjustable shock absorber

SA ¼ × ½ adjustable, miniature industrial shock absorber offers high-energy capability in confined spaces.

Features & benefits

  • Offers energy per cycle rating of 200 in./lb

  • Effective weight range of 2 to 240 lb

  • Can be easily adjusted by turning the adjustment screw at the rear of the shock absorber

  • Includes nitrile accumulator, steel body, and a hardened stainless-steel piston rod

(734) 595-4500
Circle 163

Linear position sensors

Temposonics RF-series linear position sensors feature a flexible housing designed for short installation envelopes with long strokes.

Features & benefits

  • Include all the outputs, including EtherCAT and SSI, of R series

  • Teflon-coated stainless-steel housing bends to 8-in. minimum radius and allows for up to 15 to 20 position magnets to be used along a single sensor

  • High-performance LEDs, circuit protection, and external programmability

  • Accommodate strokes to 10 m, with a measuring range of 255 to 10,060 mm

  • Pressure pipe option allows use in hydraulic applications

MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Div.
(919) 677-0100
Circle 164

Brushless dc motor

BLH speed control package consists of a brushless dc motor and 24 Vdc compact driver board.

Features & benefits

  • Four RoHS-compliant models available in 15, 30, 50, and 100 W output

  • Speed regulation accuracy of ±0.5%; operates at speeds from 100 to 3,000 rpm

  • Two gearhead types available parallel shaft and hollow shaft gearhead with a variety of ratios

  • Motor-only round shaft types available in all four models; pinion shaft types available in three larger models

Oriental Motor USA Corp.
(800) 418-7903
Circle 165

Full-power brake system

Brake system with ABS and traction control provides vehicle stability while decreasing stopping distances and improving acceleration under low traction conditions.

Features & benefits

  • Up to eight wheels can be controlled independently of the others, making the system easily adaptable to four, six, and eight-wheeled vehicles

  • Electronic control unit monitors wheel speed and brake line pressures with sensors added to the machine

  • Embedded program in electronic control unit allows communication via CAN with a laptop computer running Windows 2000 or XP

  • System status outputs are provided to light ABS and low traction lamps

(507) 625-6426
Circle 166

CAN-model servo system

XtraDrive-CAN model servo system allows users to interface with CAN while using non-linear control (NCT) technology.

Features & benefits

  • Supports functions based on CAN open DS-301 specifications

  • Drive profiles supported include homing mode, profiles for position, velocity, torque, and interpolated position mode

  • Supports interoperability of different devices and features a port with galvanic isolation to provide efficient noise immunity, a 9-pin D-type connector, and rotary selection switch for node ID supports up to 127 nodes

  • Communication rate up to 1 Mbps

  • NCT allows tight trajectory control and zero settling time

(866) 938-8080
Circle 167

Single-axis actuators

Single-axis actuators are available in 208 configured styles and are compatible with most servomotors.

Features & benefits

  • Ball-screw driven; built on extruded 6063-T6 aluminum base with black anodized finish and 1045 steel side supports

  • Configuration of ball screw diameter of 12 to 20 mm and lead of 4 to 20 mm allows for easy customization

  • Linear slide for medium or heavy loads, grooved base for sensor mounting, and tight-tolerance bore motor bracket accepts most 30-400 W servos

  • Positioning repeatability down to ±0.03 mm; maximum velocities to 1,055 mm/sec

Misumi USA Inc.
(800) 681-7475
Circle 168

Shaft grounding ring

AEGIS SGR Conductive MicroFiber shaft grounding ring is ideal for predictive and preventive maintenance programs on VFD-controlled ac motors and large dc motors.

Features & benefits

  • Protects bearings from electrical damage and extends motor life, preventing bearing noise, downtime, and motor repairs/replacements

  • Conductive microfibers work with virtually no friction or wear; are unaffected by dirt, grease, or other contaminants; and last for life of motor, regardless of speed

  • Easily installs on any NEMA or IEC motor; provides clearance for motors with shaft shoulders, slingers, bearing caps, or end-bell protrusions

  • Secured with three mounting screws and standoff posts; covers less than ½- in. of motor shaft

Electro Static Technology
(866) 738-1857
Circle 169

Linear stages

Allen-Bradley MP-series integrated linear stages suit a variety of load-carrying applications and are available in ballscrew and direct drive linear motor versions.

Features & benefits

  • Use Rockwell RSLogix 5000 programming software and Allen-Bradley Motion Analyzer servo system selection and optimization software, to allow specification of load and motion profile parameters

  • Available in various force levels and multiple frame sizes

  • Stroke lengths to 2 m and linear velocities to 5 m/sec

  • Operate without home and over-travel switches, improving reliability and simplifying wiring and programming

Rockwell Automation Inc.
(800) 223-5354, ext. 2033
Circle 170

PLC modules

DirectLOGIC option modules include 16-bit high-resolution analog modules designed for the DL05 and DL06 PLCs.

Features & benefits

  • F0-08ADH-1 eight-channel current input module operates with 0–20 mA input range

  • F0-08ADH-2 has jumper selectable input range of either 0–5 or 0–10 Vdc

  • Four-channel F0-04DAH-1 and eight-channel F0-08DAH-1 current output modules provide 4–20 mA output range

  • Four-channel F0-04DAH-2 and eight-channel F0-08DAH-2 output modules provide 0–10 Vdc output range

(770) 889-2858
Circle 171

Brushless dc motor

Compact, high-performance 8-pole brushless dc motor suits applications where high torque-to-weight ratio and efficiency are required.

Features & benefits

  • Capable of 20% more torque than standard 4-pole servomotor configuration

  • Produces continuous torque to 230 oz-in. and peak torque of 690 oz-in.

  • A variety of electrical and mechanical options are available, including an enclosed encoder or a sealed one for IP65 wash down

  • Custom mounting and winding configurations available

(508) 835-4305
Circle 172

Displacement transmitters

Output displacement transmitters offer improved IP67-rated sealing coupled with polymer guides and rigid carriers.

Features & benefits

  • Less than 0.2% linearity

  • Stainless-steel body construction increases accuracy and reliability in wet and corrosive conditions

  • Output options are either direct-acting 4 to 20 mA or reverse-acting 20 to 4 mA

Omega Engineering Inc.
(203) 359-1660
Circle 173

Ultra-light servodrive

Tweeter digital servodrives provide sinusoidal and trapezoidal commutation, as well as current, velocity, and full position control.

Features & benefits

  • Weighs 0.95 oz

  • 2 × 0.49 × 1.65-in. footprint

  • 180-W continuous power; 360-W peak

  • Interfaces to dc brush and brush-less, linear, and voice coil motors

Elmo Motion Control Inc.
(978) 399-0034
Circle 174

Adapter mount roller bearing

Series 6000 Shurlok adapter mount roller bearing increases an operation's efficiency and profitability by reducing installation errors, maintenance costs, and downtime.

Features & benefits

  • Available in all housing types for shaft sizes from 115/16 to 415/16 in.

  • Spyglass optical strain sensor provides an easy-to-read indicator to determine optimal shaft grip

  • Positive locking system for vibration free operation

  • Tapered sleeve design provides easy installation and removal of the bearing

  • Super-finished raceways provide a cool running, quiet, high-speed and high-load capacity bearing

Rexnord Industries LLC
(866) 739-6673
Circle 175

Explosion-proof couplings

ATEX 95- and 137-certified couplings are precision machined from steel or stainless steel with a thermally and chemically stable, wear resistant, polyurethane insert.

Features & benefits

  • Smooth fit between insert and hubs compensates for lateral, angular, and axial shaft misalignment

  • Insert is impregnated with graphite, giving it electrically conductive properties, to eliminate potential of charges arcing from one hub to the other

  • Nine sizes with torque ratings from 2 to 2,150 Nm

  • English and metric bore diameters are available from 3 to 80 mm (⅛ to 3.125 in.) with or without keyways

R+W America
(630) 521-9911
Circle 176

Photoelectric sensors

BOS 11K photoelectric family is designed for small parts conveying equipment.

Features & benefits

  • Diffuse, retro-reflective, polarized retro-reflective, and thru-beam styles

  • Can be positioned at any angle

  • Threaded T-body “snout-mount” shape allows for rapid installation

  • IP67 housing features diagnostic LEDs and a highly visible 360° LED window for easy troubleshooting

Balluff Inc.
(800) 543-8390
Circle 177

Compact servo controller/driver

The SilverDust D2-IG8 servo controller/driver works with NEMA 11, 17, and 23 frame, high-torque, direct drive servomotors and is suited for multi-axis systems.

Features & benefits

  • Shares a compact DIN mount to save cabinet space

  • Ethernet option facilitates easy networking

  • 8 24-V I/O; 12 to 48 Vdc input; SSI encoder interface

QuickSilver Controls Inc.
(888) 660-3801
Circle 180

Miniature ballscrews

SD series ball screws feature internal recirculation inserts promoting smooth running performance and high backdriving characteristics.

Features & benefits

  • Cylindrical nuts with a threaded end provide for easy mounting and optimized nut geometry

  • Less sensitive to misalignment, high repeatability, and operate at reduced noise levels, compared with conventional tube-design types

  • Diameters from 8 to 16 mm; leads from 2 to 5 mm; and screw shaft lengths to 2,100 mm

  • Options include safety wire devices, wipers, and corrosion-resistant materials

(800) 541-3624
Circle 181

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